June 9th, 2017

SG1: Jack - Temptation

Saturday Morning Word Wars?

Sorry I've been so scarce folks - temporary new work assignment has me on a little later schedule and I'm still trying to figure out when that leaves me times for words/art. I've managed very few words these last three weeks.

Anyone up for Saturday morning word wars? I've got a reverse bang that needs finished, not to mention all the bingo goodness.

Round 1: 8:00 am PDT (15:00 UTC) to 8:25am PDT (15:25 UTC)
Round 2: 8:35 am PDT (15:35 UTC) to 9:00am PDT (16:00 UTC)
Round 3: 9:10 am PDT (16:10 UTC) to 9:35am PDT (16:35 UTC)
Round 4: 9:45 am PDT (16:45 UTC) to 10:10am PDT (17:10 UTC