June 2nd, 2017

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Word of the Day 06/02/17 Memoriter

Memoriter (adverb, adjective)
memoriter [muh-mawr-i-ter, -ter, -mohr-]

1. by heart; by memory.

2. involving or requiring memorization: the memoriter aspects of a college course.

Origin: 1605-15; < Latin, equivalent to memori- (stem of memor) mindful of + -ter adv. suffix

Now YOU come up with a sentence (or fic? or graphic?) that best illustrates the word.
EvilBob 5

Say What Friday


Today's quote comes from one of our Founding Fathers and the first Postmaster General, Benjamin Franklin. Yes, the dude that is on the hundred dollar bill.

"Originality is the art of concealing your sources."

Do with it what you will.

Reward will be me adding a hundred words to one of my many wips.

Weekend Challenge - Boston Blackie

Happy Hurricane Season 2017, Everyone!

I've been trying to figure out something new and exciting for a prompt (and not stealing ideas from weekends past). I -think- I may have come up with something... maybe.

Inspired entirely by kitmerlot1213's Mysterious Month of May, I bring you 202 episode titles of an Old Time Radio detective program: Boston Blackie

The titles are mostly vague enough that you can do with them as you wish, but I'll include a link to the actual episode (think of it as a 25ish-minute oneshot), in case you want to give it a listen. Hopefully, you'll find some inspiration! :)

You can request as many numbers as you like, from 1 - 202!

Rewards will be pretty much whatever you like (icons, sigtags for your landcomm, drabbles if I know your fandom, etc etc)

Daily Count Challenge to erinm_4600.

Sorry this comes a bit late. I was busy with my 3 jobs.

I didn't do anything. I really hoped to make something after work but my mood isn't the best for hours. :'o( I also won't do anything later because I have to go to bed in a few minutes. (I have to stand up 04:30 am.)

I'm passing the torch to erinm_4600. Good luck and have fun.

(& good night.)