May 29th, 2017

Two Chairs

Awesomeness Awaits

Hello all!!

Happy Memorial Day to those of us in the U.S. Happy Bank Holiday to those in the UK. Happy Monday to everyone else.

Onto the news/pimping....

older_not_dead is finishing up a promptathon for this month. There have been a few stories posted, so maybe there might be a prompt that will tickle a Muse's fancy.

smallfandomfest is running another fest, so if you love rare or small fandoms go take a look. There should be something over there that might rekindle your love or kick start the Muse.

marvel_bang has come around again. Sign-ups are open now. If you love Marvel and writing lots of words, then this bb is perfect for you.

hc_bingo is about to start another round on Thursday, so if hurt/comfort is your cup of tea, toddle on over and see what's shaking.

rarepairfest is here again. Sign ups are open now, so if you have a rare pair that needs some loving, then this fest may be for you.

Reminder time...

Big Buddy will be checking in tomorrow, so let's give him some big numbers to cheer about. Also, remember to update your counts by Thursday since that will be when kaige68 starts adding up the numbers for the month.

Sign ups are open for Big Buddy and the Daily Challenge.

Kudos go to...

kitmerlot1213 for running this month's challenge. Great job and thank you.

Awesomeness awaits....

Tell us of your plans to be awesome this week. Enquiring minds want to

I'm hoping to get some more words tomorrow and actually reach my monthly goal.