February 17th, 2017

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Word of the Day 02/17/17 Whiffler

Whiffler (noun)
whiffler [hwif-ler, wif-]

1. a person who frequently shifts opinions, attitudes, interests, etc.
2. a person who is vacillating or evasive in an argument.

Origin: 1600-10; whiffle + -er


Whiffler (noun)
whiffler [hwif-ler, wif-]

noun, History/Historical.
1. an attendant who clears the way for a procession.

Origin: 1530-40; earlier wiffler armed attendant, equivalent to wiffle (variant of Middle English wifle, Old English wifel battle-ax) + -er

Now YOU come up with a sentence (or fic? or graphic?) that best illustrates the word.
SG1: Jack - Temptation

Saturday morning word wars?

Usual time with first round starting at 8am pacific?

Whether you're like me and have too many bingo/challenges/WIP in the air or if you just want to get some stuff done :)

*fingers crossed cluster headaches will give me a few days off from wanting to lobotomize myself

tardis vworp!

Weekend Challenge: "Trust me, I'm the Doctor."

Welcome, writers and artists, to this Weekend Challenge. :o) I'm your host for this Challenge.

For this Challenge I go with the Eleventh Doctor Era. ♡ One year ago (in the end of February) German Free TV finally started with Season 05 of Doctor Who. Since then Doctor Who is part of my life. ;D So I thought this is a good theme for this Weekend Challenge. ;D

Give me a number between 01 and 42 and I'll give you a quote from any of the episodes. Please let me know if you want a quote from the Doctor only. Otherwise I'll give quotes from either the Doctor or any other character. ;o)

Please create at least 250 words, 5 icons, 3 sigtags or 1 bigger graphic (like a tumblr graphic or a wallpaper) and link back to this entry until Monday at 03:00 pm CET (Countdown Clock).

I will reward you with a participation banner. :o) I will also add words to any of my stories.

Have fun, be creative and enjoy your weekend. ♡