January 25th, 2017

dwell in possibility

Word of the Day 01/25/17 Katzenjammer

Katzenjammer (noun)
katzenjammer [kat-suh n-jam-er]

1. the discomfort and illness experienced as the aftereffects of excessive drinking; hangover.
2. uneasiness; anguish; distress.
3. uproar; clamor: His speech produced a public katzenjammer.

Origin: 1840-50; < German, equivalent to Katzen (plural of Katze cat) + Jammer discomfort, Old High German jāmar (noun and adj.); cf. yammer

Now YOU come up with a sentence (or fic? or graphic?) that best illustrates the word.
  • haldoor

Passing the daily count challenge to slashluv18

ACK! I completely forgot to pass on or check who was up for the challenge after I did over 800 words on my day! But I am here now and since kaige will be asleep right now, I am using my 2nd-in-command Mod Hat to choose slashluv18 to take over from me!

YOU ARE ON! I need to get more words done myself (so proud of my 800+ from Monday, did I mention?), so I'm aiming to do some more tonight before I treat myself to the latest episode of Shadowhunters! ;-)