January 17th, 2017


Daily Count Challenge to slashluv18 (for Tuesday).

Sorry this is late. I waited for an answer. :o)

I made many icons for different Communities. :o) (Also the icon for this post because I really needed one special icon for this Community only. ^-^) I call this a big success because I didn't do anything since the 12th November.

Sadly no words. :o( I still have a few prompts that I still need to fill. I also want to write something for the Pool Party here. But so far I wasn't able to. :o( I hope I'm able to do anything until the end of this month.

slashluv18, you're next for today (Tuesday). Good luck and have fun.

Daily Count challenge to agdhani

I had a good day. Wrote 1,787 words. Finish my entry for the QLFC (Finals round 2 in hp fanfic competition). So I  call that a win.

Since I finished my QLFC story, hoping to at least start my pool entry story tomorrow. I'm dying to finally write me some Brian/Dom (my OTP) in the Fast and the Furious fandom. Especially since the new movie is coming out in April, and there's no more Brian (RIP Paul Walker).

Next up is agdhani. Go catch those words.