January 16th, 2017


Pimping Post

Greetings all!

Happy Martin Luther King, Jr Day.

Onward to the pimping...

If you are looking for a fun challenge, the Older not Dead community is taking prompts for their 27th promptathon. You can check it out over at older_not_dead.

If you are interested in participaing in a big bang as an artist, Small Fandom Big Bang is in desperate need of artists. You can get all the details over at smallfandombang.
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MEH Monday

Hey there folks. This is late and short. Sorry about that, I'm on day four of the Nyquil/Dayquil Tango. And as the count challenge was to me 4 days ago... The words didn't happen.

SO - Go forth and be awesome! Make all the words and all the graphics! GO DO!

Tell me how awesome you've been! What your plans are to continue with the awesome!

I do owe a ton of comments and I will get to them as breathing allows.

For the time being (and I'm not being creative about this at all), here is this week's DCC list:

Tues Jan 17 - slashluv18
Wed Jan 18 - agdhani
Thurs Jan 19 - thtwzjustadream
Fri Jan 20 - flipflop_diva
Sat Jan 21 - weakmoments
Sun Jan 22 - candream
Mon Jan 23 - haldoor

Thank you all so much!
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Word of the Day 01/16/17 Crambo

Oops. Sorry this is really late. I thought I had Monday's word all set to post over the weekend, but I guess I just had until Sunday.

Crambo (noun)
crambo [kram-boh]

noun, plural cramboes.
1. a game in which one person or side must find a rhyme to a word or a line of verse given by another.
2. inferior rhyme.

Origin: 1600-10; earlier crambe < Latin crambē repetīta phrase used by Juvenal in reference to unimaginative writing, literally, repeated (i.e., re-served) cabbage (< Greek krambē kind of cabbage)

Now YOU come up with a sentence (or fic? or graphic?) that best illustrates the word.