December 31st, 2016

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First and Last Weekend Challenge!

Hello everyone! It's time for me to provide you with some prompts for the last Weekend Challenge of 2016, and coincidentally, since this weekend spans the New Year, it's also time for the first Weekend Challenge of 2017!

This time around it's one of my favourite topics featuring one of my favourite books with which to prompt you! The topic - which if you know me, you'll guess! - is gay romance! This does not mean you have to create something gay/slash if that's not your thing; just use the prompt in any way you want with any characters you like from any fandom or your own original arena.


Your challenge is this:

1. Choose a page number between 3 and 691
2. Tell me if you want the 'first and last' words from that page
3. A random word/verb/noun/adverb/adjective from that page
4. A sentence from that page
5. A paragraph from that page
6. Any combination of the above!
7. Write words/create graphics - no minimum, no maximum
8. Post before midnight Saturday your time (New Year's Eve) to get it in for 2016's count
9. Post before midnight Sunday your time (New Year's Day) to start the new count for 2017!

Now, get those creating hats on - do it in combination with the last 100-in-100 or finish a WIP or any other darn thing you want, but get moving, everyone! Get that ONE MORE WORD in for 2016!

Your reward this weekend is simply in knowing you've added more words to the comm's count for 2016 (I'm afraid I still owe for the last set of rewards, so you know what I'll be working on this weekend - at least 100 words in your honour!). ;-)

I'm off to bed now on Friday night my time, but I'll be back first thing to start handing out prompts when I see your comments!
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Word of the Day 12/31/16 Purlieu

December 31, 2016

Purlieu (noun)
purlieu [pur-loo, purl-yoo]

1. purlieus, environs or neighborhood.
2. a place where one may range at large; confines or bounds.
3. a person's haunt or resort.
4. an outlying district or region, as of a town or city.
5. a piece of land on the edge of a forest, originally land that, after having been included in a royal forest, was restored to private ownership, though still subject, in some respects, to the operation of the forest laws.

See more synonyms on

Origin: 1475-85; alteration (simulating French lieu place) of earlier parlewe, parley, paraley purlieu of a forest < Anglo-French purale(e) a going through, equivalent to pur (< Latin prō for, pro, confused with per through) + aller (see alley)

Now YOU come up with a sentence (or fic? or graphic?) that best illustrates the word.

If it's already 2017 for you, Happy New Year! May 2017 be (much much MUCH) better than 2016!
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