December 27th, 2016

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Word of the Day 12/27/16 Ruminate

Ruminate (verb)
ruminate [roo-muh-neyt]

verb (used without object), ruminated, ruminating.
1. to chew the cud, as a ruminant.
2. to meditate or muse; ponder.

verb (used with object), ruminated, ruminating.
3. to chew again or over and over.
4. to meditate on; ponder.

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2. think, reflect.

Origin: 1525-35; < Latin rūminātus (past participle of rūminārī, rūmināre to ruminate), equivalent to rūmin- (stem of rūmen rumen) + -ātus -ate

Now YOU come up with a sentence (or fic? or graphic?) that best illustrates the word.
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ONE MORE... day?

Oh man. Monday, Tuesday, whatever it is where you are. HI! HOW ARE YA?

Were you awesome last week? Did you get awesome things accomplished? Did you make awesome plans for this week?

I am going out for riceballs! I'm very excited. And I've set up some of the countdown to awesome! So that's exciting too!

I will post sign ups for next month's Big Buddy and DCC. And H and I will figure out what we are doing for next month's challenge and then we'll do a post to figure out what we'd all like to do next year.


DCC this week:
Tues 27th dracosdreamer
Wed 28th erinm_4600
Thurs 29th weakmoments
Fri 30th - kaige68

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Hello there folks! As of right now, we have 101 hours until 2016 is gone from the planet! Let's get rocking. I'll give you a one word prompt every hour, and you'll have an hour to do with it as you will. Or you could come back and do them when you're conscious or not working or whatever!


And without further ado:
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Brain million
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Daily Count Challenge - January 2017!

Jump In January!

Comment here and I'll put you on the list! It's as simple as stepping up when your name is called and doing your utmost to meet your own daily word count (whatever that may be). When you finish, write a small bragging post and call up the next contestant!

Be accountable for one day!

I'm not sure which format we'll be going with just yet, so do call out the days you can or cannot do, and let me know if you want repeats and how many.
SG-1: Puppet O&#39;Neill

Word Wars 4:00 PM (Pacific) edition

I'm here - not sure if LJ is acting up but hopefully we can all see/comment to this :)

Round 1: 4:00 pm (00:00 UTC) to 4:25pm (00:25 UTC)
Round 2: 4:35 pm (00:35 UTC) to 5:00pm (01:00 UTC)
Round 3: 5:10 pm (01:10 UTC)to 5:35pm (01:35 UTC)
Round 4: 5:45 pm (01:45 UTC)to 6:10 pm (02:10 UTC)

Let's do this!!!

sandrasfisher: 1277 words
craterdweller: 863 words

Total 2140 words

We ruled!
Big buddy
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Big Buddy January!

Just do it January!

Comment here with the count you can reach in the month (remember to factor in holidays, finals, road trips, pajama days, hangovers, etc). I will check in with you every 6(ish) days to make sure you are on schedule, to push you if you aren't, and to shake pompoms at you if you are (Well, I'll probably shake pompoms at you either way).

Your count is up to you. There is no minimum beyond what you decide. But Big Buddy will be watching you! If you pledge 100 words/images, then every 6 days chime in to tell us that you've produced 20% of them.

This is not words to be done in lieu of something else. If you have a bingo, or a big bang, or a drabble-a-day, it all counts! Words/images do not have to be posted to count, they just have to be done!

Who is in?

asphaltcowgrrl - 15,000
agdhani - 30,000
craterdweller - 16,600/1
slashluv18 - 25,000
llblckraincloud - 50,000
fairyniamh - 3,100
sharpiesgal - 3,100
lasairfhiona - 500
flipflop_diva - 10,000
weakmoments - 84,940
haldoor - 6,000
severina2001 - 21,000
erinm_4600 - 200/100
dracosdreamer - 200
kaige68 - 6,250
chokolattejedi - 20,000