December 9th, 2016

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Word of the Day 12/09/16 Campanology

Campanology (noun)
campanology [kam-puh-nol-uh-jee]

1. the principles or art of making bells, bell ringing, etc.

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Origin: 1670-80; < New Latin campanologia = Late Latin campān(a) bell (see campanile) + New Latin -ologia (see -o-, -logy)

Now YOU come up with a sentence (or fic? or graphic?) that best illustrates the word.
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Stuff & Things & Stuff

It has been an insane few days between work and family and plans for the holidays and birthdays and ALL THE THINGS!

*deep breath*

*maybe a few more*

I completely missed the Big Buddy post THREE DAYS ago! Check for yourself, you should be at 29-30% today. My fingers are crossed for you.

On top of knitting, shopping, wording and graphic-ing, cookie-ing starts this week, I don't even know if I have a comprehensive list yet, and I'm scheduled to be shopping for ingredients tonight. ACK! AND THEN we have the upcoming WIPmass to plan as well as the 100-in-100 (which involved time zones and I suck at time zones!)!

AND there are a couple of things going on RIGHT NOW!
FIRST the DCC (and don't think I'm not counting this towards my words today): Sat 10th - erinm_4600, Sun 11th - simplyn2deep, Mon 12th - weakmoments, Tues 13th - flipflop_diva, Wed 14th - thtwzjustadream, Thurs 15th – slashluv18, Fri 16th - kaige68 Again, really? Who set this up?
SECOND is the Swap of Joy: Posters are - 10th kitmerlot1213, 11th haldoor, 12th hanorganaas, 13th simplyn2deep, 14th flipflop_diva, 15th sharpiesgal, 16th guineamania. IF YOU RECEIVED A GIFT, be sure to give out a shout of apreciation as we have outstanding peeps who worked hard for you. EVEN IF YOU HAVEN'T HAD A CHANCE TO READ/SAVE GRAPHICS (like me, sorry hon), tell your gifter that you love their effort!

AND there have been a number of other challenges this week alone!

I really do use caps locks a lot, as well as the words 'and' and 'so'. Don't I?

SO - ;) haldoor, we need to chat about a planning post. When we both have time. HA! I kill me!

Upcoming is WIPness, and 100-in100, as well as a bunch of other normally scheduled challenges and weekend challenges and perhaps, if I get my act together, a flash challenge or two. BRACE YOURSELVES! AND GIVE ME THAT ONE MORE WORD!!!

Go back and fill all the ABC's or 123's or ANYTHING!


Weekend Challenge: Lyrics, Love Quotes and Random Images

Hi there! Recovered from NaNo yet, NaNo'ers? Anyone looking for a little inspiration for some weekend words?

If so, gimme two numbers, one of them from 1-10 and the other from 100.  So, tell me "I'll take 4/23" or "15/87".

I'll use the numbers to pull you a song lyric, a relationshippy quote, and a random image from a free stock image site.

Rewards for works of art or fics posted by midnight Sunday - let me know if I can make you an image, write a ficlet, or put words on a WIP!
Okay, bring on the numbers!