December 3rd, 2016

All I want
  • kaige68


It's your Swap of Joy! Really! It really happened!

It's all fluff, but I hope you find joy in it!

Title: Home is where your holiday is.
Fandom: Marvel/Captain America
Pairing: Black Widow/Captain America
Rating: PG-13
Word Count: 2,052
Summary: How do you celebrate the holidays together when you're all wanted criminals.
Author’s Note: Happy Swap of Joy, flipflop_diva. Again, it's fluff, but I like this pairing best when they're fluffy. In my mind, this takes place after Civil War. Superfast and awesome read through was done by asphaltcowgrrl (Thank you, ACG!).

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  • agdhani

that was a fail...sort of...

While I only managed ~200 words...pitiful, I know...I did do Christmas cards, pay bills, finish shopping, ship some of my packages, and decorate the inside of the house...

then I sat down to write after dinner and learned that a friend of mine passed away this evening (we were roommates for many year) it pretty much ruined any further efforts after that.

I'll make it up at some point, I'm sure...but for now, I'm passing the baton on to flipflop_diva...may you have more success than me.