November 28th, 2016


Monthly Madness: Plot, Subplot, or No Plot?

As a reader, I love an intricate story with a secondary story or subplot woven into it.  I think it’s the thing that draws me to mysteries and epic fantasies.  As a writer, however, it’s beyond my mental capacity.

Well, so not completely beyond my abilities, but I often find myself having trouble carrying one plot along.  Adding a subplot to it only complicates things.  But then, that’s why we’re here, right?  To better ourselves and push the craft that we practice to become more than it was yesterday?

Anyway, that’s what my goal has been lately – to add more depth to what I write by adding simple subplots to the bigger picture.  For the most part, they’re all relationship-based side stories, but it’s a start.  So, how about you?  Are you the kind to write a straightforward story or one with something more going on behind the scenes?  
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Word of the Day 11/28/16 Hoke

Hoke (verb, noun)
hoke [hohk]

verb (used with object), hoked, hoking.
1. to alter or manipulate so as to give a deceptively or superficially improved quality or value (usually followed by up): a political speech hoked up with phony statistics.

2. hokum.

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Origin: 1930-35; back formation from hokey or hocum

Now YOU come up with a sentence (or fic? or graphic?) that best illustrates the word.
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All the things Monday!

Legitimately, ALL THE THINGS!

Today is the 28th, which means that the month ends this week. THIS WEEK! Have you written your 50,000 words? Have you written your 50 words? Have you participated in all of the fandom squee we've been glorying in? Did you get the weekend challenge done? Have you updated your numbers?


As November draws to a close that means that December is approaching. I'm not kidding! It starts this week! How's your SoJ doing? Are you ready for WIPness? Are you ready for the mad dash scramble of 100-in-100. There's stil time to hit me with more prompts! Go give me some words!

There we go. Now tell me, how awesome were you last week? How awesome will you be this coming week? It's all so exciting!
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Daily count challenge to katleept!

Well, today was my day to make all the words, and it couldn't have come at a better time. This was the last day I had available this month to work on my Nanowrimo project -- due to some apartment renovations that couldn't come at a worse time -- and ... I DID IT. I wrote 1755 words this morning, and I am now an official NANOWRIMO winner. Over 50K in one month, baby!

(Of course, there are still 3.5 chapters of novel left to write.. but that'll just give me something to finish up in December. Right? RIGHT.)

On to you, katleept. WRITE ALL THE THINGS!

*dances around room*