November 22nd, 2016

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Word of the Day 11/22/16 Obfuscate

I didn't think I'd be well enough to post this today because yesterday I got pretty sick (I think it was food poisoning). I'm feeling a little better right now, but still iffy thinking about the prospect of eating (even if my stomach is growling).

Anyway...the word of the day!

Obfuscate (verb)
obfuscate [ob-fuh-skeyt, ob-fuhs-keyt]

verb (used with object), obfuscated, obfuscating.
1. to confuse, bewilder, or stupefy.
2. to make obscure or unclear: to obfuscate a problem with extraneous information.
3. to darken.

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1. muddle, perplex. 2. cloud.

1. clarify.

Origin: 1525-35; < Late Latin obfuscātus (past participle of obfuscāre to darken), equivalent to Latin ob- ob- + fusc(us) dark + -ātus -ate

Now YOU come up with a sentence (or fic? or graphic?) that best illustrates the word.
CELEB: RDA b&amp;w

NaNoWriMo and Mini_WriMo checkin

For those celebrating Thanksgiving this week, have a safe and happy holiday! I'll likely be running word wars (at least one round) on Thursday. Sorry, I've not been able to run as many as I'd like this last week but I've been sidelined with some serious headaches.

Aim to be at 40K or 80% of your goal by end of day Thursday. And remember as you carve (pun intended) time out to write this week that this is the last weekend before Nov. 30.

So how is everyone doing? Feeling the urge to tap just a few more words to bring the end even closer?

And for a non-NaNo related discussion point, what is your favorite holiday (can be any holiday) food? Mine is definitely a toss up between mushrooms sauteed in a garlic butter sauce and PIE!