November 19th, 2016

Hawaii Five 0::Steve & Joan

Word of the Day 11/19/16 Circumspect

Circumspect (adjective)
circumspect [sur-kuh m-spekt]

1. watchful and discreet; cautious; prudent: circumspect behavior.
2. well-considered: circumspect ambition.

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1. careful, vigilant, guarded.

1. careless, indiscreet.

Origin: 1375-1425; late Middle English < Latin circumspectus (past participle of circumspicere to look around), equivalent to circum- circum- + spec(ere) to look + -tus past participle suffix

Now YOU come up with a sentence (or fic? or graphic?) that best illustrates the word.
CELEB: RDA b&amp;w

Word Wars - Saturday Edition

Headaches still at bay which means it's almost time for Saturday Word Wars.

Round 1: 07:00 AM PST (15:00 UTC) to 07:25 AM PST (15:25 UTC)
Round 2: 07:35 AM PST (15:35 UTC) to 08:00 AM PST (16:00 UTC)
Round 3: 08:10 AM PST (16:10 UTC) to 08:35 AM PST (16:35 UTC)
Round 4: 08:45 AM PST (16:45 UTC) to 09:10 AM PST (17:10 UTC)

I'll start/stop rounds per usual with new comments. Now just to chase the hubby off to work and eliminate a major distraction :D