November 1st, 2016


Word Wars today at 4:30 PM (16:30) Pacific Time

Join me this afternoon for a few rounds of word wars, whether you are participating in NaNoWriMo, mini_wrimo or just want to add to your word/image totals for November. Timezone converter is here in case you need help converting to your own times.

Rounds will be 25 minutes each with a 10 min break between rounds.

Round 1: 4:30 PM PDT (11:30 PM UTC) to 4:55 PM PDT (11:55 UTC)
Round 2: 5:05 PM PDT (00:05 AM UTC) to 5:30 PM PDT (00:30 UTC)
Round 3: 5:40 PM PDT (00:40 AM UTC) to 6:05 PM PDT (01:05 UTC)
Round 4: 6:15 PM PDT (01:15 AM UTC) to 6:40 PM PDT (01:40 UTC)

I'll have more varied times over the weekend and of course you're always welcome to run your own!

Good luck to all the WriMo's today :)

Hope to see you there!
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Word of the Day 11/01/16 Bipartisan

Bipartisan (adjective)
bipartisan [bahy-pahr-tuh-zuh n]

1. representing, characterized by, or including members from two parties or factions: Government leaders hope to achieve a bipartisan foreign policy.

See more synonyms on

Origin: 1905-10; bi- + partisan

Now YOU come up with a sentence (or fic? or graphic?) that best illustrates the word.

Fandom Squee Day 1: DC TV

Hey everyone,
Happy November!

And welcome to one of this month's fabulous monthly challenges: Fandom Squee. For all of you who aren't taking on NaNoWriMo this month or if you want a little break from the hardcore speed writing then we are here to help :)

How this is going to work is me and flipflop_diva are going to be providing fandom based encouragement each day of this month. Weekdays will each have a specific fandom basis and weekends will be more general. Our challenge to you is to rave an acceptable amount about the fandoms you love and try to create something for each day. There will be a reward for anyone that participates on any day and a special reward for people who try something new and create something for each day!

First up is:
DC TV Shows
Image result for arrow gif cw
So anything from Arrow, Supergirl, Flash, Constantine or Legends of Tomorrow.
WARNING: There will no doubt be spoilers below for the new serieses (is that the right word?) of each of these shows (apart from Constantine *sobs*) so be careful and no blatent spoilers please.

Now these are all fandoms very close to my heart, I only started watching Arrow at the beginning of last season and now I am addicted. I love Oliver's character and Stephen Amell's protrayal is fabulous. So of course when I caught up on Arrow I had to watch all the others and have not regreted it yet.

Image result for the flash gif cw

Although I am slightly disappointed with the beginning of this season of Flash but that is probably just me. I hope once they get into it it will get better!

Image result for constantine gif matt ryan

And finally from me, can we all talk about Constantine, because that show should have had way more than one season and I would have loved to see John turning up in all of the crossovers and making a nuisance of himself :D

So what do you guys think? Discuss ... and create :D
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You know how… the year starts and everything is shiny and new and you are invincible? You can do everything. You’re going to make your health a priority, you’re going to save all the money, you’re going to make all the words and graphics. In January possibilities become a glittery supremacy. You’ve got your cape and your pencil. Look out world!

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Time for Word Wars

I'll follow my usual pattern of creating a new comment to start/stop rounds.

Round 1: 4:30 PM PDT (11:30 PM UTC) to 4:55 PM PDT (11:55 UTC)
Round 2: 5:05 PM PDT (00:05 AM UTC) to 5:30 PM PDT (00:30 UTC)
Round 3: 5:40 PM PDT (00:40 AM UTC) to 6:05 PM PDT (01:05 UTC)
Round 4: 6:15 PM PDT (01:15 AM UTC) to 6:40 PM PDT (01:40 UTC)

We are going to crush this!

We Rocked!!! Our totals (apologies if I missed/messed up someone's totals - just drop a note and I'll fix):

severina2001 - 1179 words
thtwzjustadream - 1052 words
simplyn2deep - 300 words
yuidirnt - 465 words
okapi1895 - 282 words
craterdweller - 1788 words
For a total of: 5066 words

NaNoWriMo and Mini_WriMo checkin

Some of us are just wrapping up Day 1 while others are already solidly into Day 2. So sound off on how the first day(s) are going. Any surprises? Victories/setbacks? It's still early so don't let things get you down.

Our kitchen sink sprang a leak about 45 minutes before I was to start word wars. We need a new the faucet apparently. Maintenance had to turn off water to the kitchen sink but it was a good excuse to order a pizza :D Managed to pull it together in time for word wars and 6 of us participated in one or more rounds.