October 29th, 2016


Any help you...

... can give me, I would appricate.

When my writing has been very bad this year I so feel nervous for the comming month and the mini_wrimo that I made an entry over at my journal to ask for some wishes/prompts if I would get struck any of the days. The entry is here. I decided to have it in my own journal to have easier to find it.

I did sign up for a minimum 100 words/day and from previous years I usually have no problem to do it. I've managed to write a lot than the 3000 words every year that I take part, and only one I missed a day or two. My nervousness to not make it is that I sort of hasn't written one word on any story sine around July this year. Thats why I would appricate anything that kan help/inspire me to make it though this year. And hopefully get me back to write more. So please, please head over and come with yours.

I will keep it open during the whole month (and maybe continue next year if I haven't fullfilled it), so it will not be to late to leave a comment.

And for all others 'break a leg' = I wish everyone good luck what you set up to do.