October 24th, 2016

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Word of the Day 10/24/16 Harum-Scarum

Harum-Scarum (adjective, adverb, noun)
harum-scarum [hair-uh m-skair-uh m, har-uh m-skar-uh m]

1. reckless; rash; irresponsible: He had a harum-scarum youth.
2. disorganized; uncontrolled.

3. recklessly; wildly: He ran harum-scarum all over the place.

4. a reckless person.
5. reckless or unpredictable behavior or action.

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1, 2. erratic, impulsive, impetuous; giddy, scatterbrained.

Origin: 1665-75; earlier harum-starum rhyming compound based on obsolete hare to harass + stare

Now YOU come up with a sentence (or fic? or graphic?) that best illustrates the word.
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Awesome Monday

Greetings my favorite peeps!

It's Monday again. Time to be awesome.

Tell us how awesome you are going to be this week.

I plan to get some words written so I can actually post something this month, and try to survive another week in retail hell.

Remember sign-ups for Swap of Joy are still open.
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Daily count challenge to garonne

So I didn't manage any words, I'm afraid to say, although I did manage some knitting (I'm making a cardigan for a co-worker's preemy, who is soooo tiny. The back of the cardi is so little it doesn't even go around my wrist!).

Anyhoo, this is late and whether hanorganaas managed any words for your day on the 23rd (if you were keeping track) I don't know, but I can only apologise for not noticing I was already behind and passing it on to you once the 22nd was done, so I'm gonna say go for it if you want to join in with the next person on the 24th instead.

And officially I'll hand it on to garonne, who is down for the 24th, and if you wouldn't mind passing things on when you're done, that would be fantastic! (and I will try to be more organised from here on in!)