September 1st, 2016

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Word of the Day 09/01/16 Kerfuffle

Kerfuffle (noun)
kerfuffle [ker-fuhf-uh l]

1. Chiefly British Informal. a fuss; commotion.

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Origin: 1945-50; < Scots curfuffle < cur- (< Scots Gaelic car ‘to twist, turn’ < Old Irish cor ‘a turn’) + fuffle ‘to disorder, confuse’ (of imitative origin)

Now YOU come up with a sentence (or fic? or graphic?) that best illustrates the word.
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September Challenge - BINGO!!!

Hello all my lovelies!!

This month's challenge is the ever popular BINGO!!! However, there will be a slight delay in posting the cards. (I got behind and I'm very sorry I'm not entirely ready!)

I plan to have all the cards and the rules posted on Saturday. Lots of cards - lots of choices!!!!

So watch this space for BINGO cards on Saturday!!! Thanks for your patience.