August 1st, 2016


Pool Party fic: Beyond the Perimeters, Part One (Shadowhunters)

Title: Beyond the Perimeters, Part One
Characters: Alec Lightwood/Magnus Bane
Word Count: 1656
Rating: PG-13 for this part; the next part will be NC-17
Warnings: Nothing you haven't seen before in slash fiction; spoilers for the first season of the TV show
Disclaimer: I don't own the show, the characters, nor the books; the only thing I make from my scribblings is words!
Beta: Sadly, unbeta'd. Tell me if anything is glaringly incorrect!
Summary Alec and Magnus go on a first date and then head back to the warlock's home...
Author’s Notes: This is my first foray into the Shadowhunters fandom; I have also read the first four Mortal Instruments books, but I am using the TV show canon for this relationship, and the story takes place soon after the almost-wedding between Alec & Lydia, and refers to that briefly. Part Two is – hopefully – to follow within the next few weeks, as long as I can find time to write! Also written for the 1_million_words Pool Party for July 2016!

This fic can also be read here on AO3

*bites lip nervously* I had to put this part in now so it counts for July! I hope your own Pool Party creation has gone well!
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Word of the Day 08/01/16 Woolgathering

Woolgathering (noun)
woolgathering [woo l-gath-er-ing]

1. indulgence in idle fancies and in daydreaming; absentmindedness: His woolgathering was a handicap in school.
2. gathering of the tufts of wool shed by sheep and caught on bushes.

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Origin: 1545-55; wool + gathering

Now YOU come up with a sentence (or fic? or graphic?) that best illustrates the word.

Birthdays: August

For August, we've got three birthdays!

First up, the all-amazing, the all-wonderful, haldoor! I don't think we're doing Haldoor's Birthday Bonanza again this year, but on 14th Aug, please shower her with all the love you can possibly spare, for organising such a great comm year after year!

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Monthly stats post!

YOU GUYS.... are the best! Look at the numbers:



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