July 29th, 2016

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Weekend Challenge: Cocktail Hour!

Hey there and welcome to the Weekend Challenge. This is my first time hosting one and I hope you all enjoy it!

Summer is here, and in my neck of the woods that has meant searing temperatures and heat waves. So what better way to relax on the weekend than with a cool, relaxing beverage? This weekend's challenge is "Cocktail Hour"!

I have a list of 28 different cocktails (okay, they are technically shooters but let's not get picky.) All you have to do is pick a number from 1 to 28, then let your imagination run wild. After all, a "B-52" could be a drink, or a fighter plane, or the serum number that accidentally got released from the lab and has caused a global epidemic, or the locker number of that love interest at the gym. It's all up to you!

You can pick up to 3 numbers. Give me any of the following: at least 300 words/3 icons/1 sigtag/1 graphic and link back with your work, and I'll give YOU a little participation banner and a 100 word drabble if we happen to share fandoms or I'll write 100 words on a WIP if we don't. (FWIW, the fandoms I mainly write in are: Live Free or Die Hard, Once Upon a Time, The Walking Dead, True Blood, and Stargate Universe.)

Okay, folks. Hit me up for some numbers!
1MW-august rush

August Rush - fandoms for 2016!

I've tallied up the votes, cross-checked to ensure everyone who voted could play with a fandom or two, and now we're ready for the final announcement...

Collapse )

You will see that we're doing The Avengers again (and since we only used the first movie last time, we can look at one of the sequels this time around)- we had enough votes in this fandom to consider it, even though other new fandoms had equal votes. The main reason for including it over previously unused fandoms was the fact that I could see some of the voters would be able to join in with this fandom where their other new fandoms hadn't gained enough votes, and it was difficult for me to justify including those smaller fandoms at the expense of other more popular fandoms which in turn would have excluded other voters from playing. Hopefully that makes sense!

We also had a large number of fandoms getting the exact same number of votes, so in the end, the final decision is more about including everyone rather than the highest number of votes. Having said that, I will point out that there was only 1 vote difference in the 21 most popular fandoms, apart from the clear winner, X-men! With the above fandoms, I believe everyone who voted will have at east ONE fandom to play in.

And if you didn't vote but something here inspires you to play, that's all to the good, too!

We will be gathering graphics over the weekend, so if you're helping me, I'll PM you shortly! And as long as everything is in place by Monday, we will begin August Rush on the 1st of August! Get your creative gears oiled! ;-)

[Edit: Apologies, Angel fans! I accidentally deleted the last fandom, which is Angel, when I was writing this post *headdesk* and didn't even notice till Erin pointed out to me that there was only five fandoms listed... I blame the lateness of the evening...]