July 21st, 2016

Teen Wolf::Stiles & Derek::pool

Word of the Day 07/21/16 Nixie

Nixie (noun)
nixie [nik-see]

1. a letter or parcel that is un-deliverable by the post office because of a faulty or illegible address.

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Origin: 1880-85; nix + -ie

Nixie (noun)
nixie [nik-see]

noun, German Folklore.
1. a female water spirit.

Origin: 1810-20; < German Nixe (Middle High German nickese, Old High German nicchessa; see nix), perhaps construed at time of borrowing as nix + -ie

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1MW-august rush

August Rush prep!

So, how's your pool party going? I know I have some work to do, but I'm confident of getting on to it and finished by the end of the month (ulp...). Right, the power of positive thinking!

And on that note, we need to get into gear for next month's challenge! Who's up for August Rush? Remember last year? It was fantabulous and we all had a great time! Incidentally, if you didn't get your banner last year and you'd like one, let me know - I was remiss in following those up and for that I can only apologise.

So, anyway, check out the link above if you've never joined in or have forgotten how August Rush works; it's got the fandoms from last year and the rules, so you'll get a general idea of what happens. The 20 dates will change this year, as we run it Monday to Friday with catch-ups on the weekend, but otherwise, it's a good indication of how it goes.

Anyway, what I need from you guys - all members who'd be interested in playing - is suggestions of fandoms for this year! We'd like to see some different fandoms from previous years (as in the link above, plus the following: 2013: Avengers, Hawaii 5-0 (2010), NCIS (orig), Star Trek (AOS/TOS), Supernatural, 2014: Agents of SHIELD, Almost Human, Harry Potter (all), Sherlock (BBC), Star Trek (TNG), Stargate (All)), but if you're really into something in the 'already done' list, it's okay to pop it in your suggestion comment here. If we get enough votes for it, we'll look at covering it again, but I can't make any promises! I do try and cater for everyone who votes in the most popular choices, but as you can understand it can be difficult, as it's a lot of work to get things ready and I have to limit the final choices to 5 or 6 of the most popular fandoms.

So, suggest away - try to keep your suggestions to around 5 or 6 (or less!) that you would happily play in - the comments will be screened and this post will be open until Sunday night PST for you to add comments to. After I collate all the suggestions, I will run a voting post ASAP next week for you to tick your favourite choices, and from there make a decision on the final 5-6.

Oh, and if anyone can help out either with sourcing high def screen-caps/pics and/or would like to help during the month with posting, let me know in your comment! C'mon, it'll be fun!
One Brain

Brace yourselves!

We’re going on vacation!

Well, I’m going on vacation, haldoor is going on holiday. And we’re taking Dreamy with us, I don’t know what she wants to call it. Crazy, maybe.

It’s possible that you’ve avoided all of our squeeing about this and don’t know, but it’s not probable. H and I are finally meeting in person after 10+ years. (Is that right? How long have I known you? Jeeze, I’ve lost all retentive memory) We are going to Hawaii!

My point, however, is that we won’t be here, and we’re going to need a little help to keep things running smoothly while we’re out fangirling. Sure September is not next week, but we do try to set things up. haldoor has already done what she needs to set up, but I’m looking for quite a bit of volunteering from some of you. I can set up a few things to post without me, but there are 4 posts that I’d like members to cover, and there’s some other stuff.

I’m looking for the September 12th posting of Big Buddy 40%, and September 18th posting of Big Buddy 60%. I’m also looking for the general chatty Monday posts to be covered on the 12th and the 19th.

HERE is the biggest thing, the thing that I’m asking from all of you – MORE CHEERLEADING sporadically throughout the two weeks we are gone. We have the most fantastic comm in the world! I have seen each of you step in and encourage, praise, and hand-hold for anyone who needs it. I’m just looking for more of that. Both H & I try to make sure that every comment has a positive response, that every post has a GO YOU. Sure we’re not always timely, but we try. So if we can ask that you jump on in if you see something that needs encouragement that would be AWESOME! BECAUSE YOU ARE AWESOME! And hey, if someone gets more than one person telling them that their effort is not unnoticed, all the better.

If you have any questions, feel free to ask, even if they don’t pertain to the comm, a random Kaige, what is the definition of management? is always welcome.

Keep your fingers crossed that the world doesn’t tilt on its access when H & I finally meet!