July 11th, 2016

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Word of the Day 07/11/16 Tweedle

Tweedle (verb)
tweedle [tweed-l]

verb (used without object), tweedled, tweedling.
1. to produce high-pitched, modulated sounds, as a singer, bird, or musical instrument.
2. to perform lightly upon a musical instrument.

verb (used with object), tweedled, tweedling.
3. to lure by or as by music: The Pied Piper tweedled the children into following him.

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Origin: 1675-85; imitative

Now YOU come up with a sentence (or fic? or graphic?) that best illustrates the word.
Pool Party

w00t Monday!!!

Oh my goodness! ALL THE THINGS!!!!

First and foremost - the 100-in-100 challenge ended over the weekend and I want to put out there one more time, how proud I am of everyone who made and effort, and how insanely over the moon I am about the folks who managed to get something done each and every day. Congratulations! And yay new habit!!! Next, I expect you to conquer the world!!!

And the pool party is going along... Swimmingly! Didja see what I did there? HA! But we need more people in the pool! JUMP IN!!!!

Then I found this on pinterest this week and NEEDED to put it here. The answer is is... Murray! What is the question? Okay, so no the answer on pinterest wasn't Murray, but I thought the answer there was exclusionary so... Murray it is! Use it as fodder for fic. Find me a picture of a Murray, or tell me a wonderful story about a Murray!

And now I have a ton of things to get back to at work. HAPPY MONDAY! KEEP UP THE AWESOME WORK!!!