July 8th, 2016


Weekend Challenge - ...from a Book

Hey, all! Me again. *waves*

For this weekend's challenge, (and since I'm at work and should be working SHHH) I have pulled the book I carry everywhere and don't read out. Your challenge is to give me a number between 1 and 470 and I will give you a sentence from that page, without context, title, or author.

Unless, of course, you want to know the title and author, in which case, I'll be glad to oblige.

You can request as many sentences as you'd like.

Rewards will be offered to any who want them -- I'm best with icons, smaller graphics (like sigtags, if you are a landcommer), or drabbles in shared fandoms... or we can work something else out. :D

**I do still owe for previous challenges - you haven't been forgotten ♥