June 2nd, 2016


Bingo Cards - Post One

Due to me being crazy busy with work commitments and the weekend fast approaching (in which I'll be offline for two days) cards will be posted in two separate posts.  We're a little behind (because real lives and such, pesky things :D ) so I'm posting some cards I've made for anyone who wants to make a start, with more of the themed cards coming up as soon as makers are done and can send them to me.  It wouldn't be fun if everything went according to plan would it (I gave up on plans a long long time ago) - fly by the seat of yours pants I always say

The following cards are a bit of a random theme, with prompts drawn from a pool I had left over from a weekend challenge a few months ago.  There are 2 x 3x3 Cards (9 squares) and 2 2x2 Mini cards (4 squares) to choose at your leisure.  Hopefully they will inspire until more cards can be posted.

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Rules for completing a Bingo Cards can be found at this post

Go Forth and Create :D

Daily Count Challenge to guineamania

I totally failed. :o( Sadly no words or graphics today. *drops* And, it's almost Friday. So I'm not really able to create anything today.

Maybe I'll write something for Cry me a River from today. :o) I just had one idea when I found this entry. So this is at least something. :o) (Although it's not for today. But at least for another day. ^^)

I'm passing the torch to guineamania because you're first on the list. :o) Good luck and have fun. ♡