May 17th, 2016


60 in 60

To anyone working on a WIP: drop and give me 60 words (or more) in 60 mins as soon as you can after you see this post!

 photo WIP Push-May16-banner_zpsaj7dqhnc.jpg

How are you doing generally on your WIP/s? Getting close to finished something you're going to post? Perhaps you're about to send it to beta? Or maybe you need some help/encouragement to move on. Here's where you tell us how you're going or if you need some help, or else you encourage/help others who need it! I want to see you guys interacting! ;-)

As for me, I am trying hard to get my H50 Rock Star AU finished for this month, but it's my mother's 80th birthday at the end of the month, and while it isn't a big affair, we are having a lunch for her on the day, and I'm busy trying to organise things, including sorting out a bunch of photos to share, so I have been having issues keeping up with EVERYTHING as well as I'd like. Having said that, I am managing either a few words on the WIP or an icon (or more) for the 100-in-100, so I'll get there eventually!