May 14th, 2016

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Comment Fic Friday

Hello everyone! I know it's been a while since we had one of these, so I figured it was time I got my lazy ass moving and offered you a comment fic prompt!

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The prompt this time around is:

"Don't make me laugh!"

So whether a character is talking sarcastically because they don't believe a word of what they're being told, or they're genuinely telling someone not to make them laugh - maybe they'll pull out the stitches they just got, or they have already laughed so much already that their stomach is aching - or some other thing altogether, write something that will fit in a comment (700-800 words-ish) about it!

Any fandom (or none!), any genre, any characters; there are no time limits or rewards, other than the thought of words done and that someone may read it and enjoy! Post or link it in a comment here when you're done! And for the graphically inclined, how about 4-5 icons about laughing? ;-)
Athos B&W

June Bingo - Volunteers

Hey, so Bingo is the challenge of choice for the month of June. This week I'll be making some posts in order to get preparations underway to launch on June 1st. So right now I'm asking if anyone can help out/volunteer to create Bingo Boxes when we've taken votes for themes and requested prompts. Any help will be more than welcome, so thank you in advance :D

Weekend challenge fill, "Frankly, my dear, I don't give a damn."

Hawaii Five-0
Season finale fixit. What was really up with the one-sided cards and flowers?

[Contains trace Steve bashing]
The first set of cards and presents came as a group. There was a tastefully understated but lovely flower arrangement with a card penned in perfect Public School script. "Daniel : hoping for a swift and uneventful recovery for you. Best wishes to Commander McGarrett as well. Rachel." Garish beside them was a balloon bundle with a more heartfelt message. "Get better soon, Danno, and save some organs for yourself, huh! Love you, and tell Uncle Steve I love him too! Hugs, Grace." Finally a small teddy bear holding a 'Get Well!' pillow had a piece of paper stuffed into the circle of its arms with a crayon scrawled sad face, heart, and CHARLIE written in ever decreasing letter size as it crowded into the edge. Danny smiled happily at the nurse then looked over to the bed where Steve still hadn't woken.

"Hey, these are for both of us, why don't you put them over there so he can see them when he wakes up?"

The next nurse came in with a hand wrapped bowl and a small frown. Handing Danny the 'card' (actually a Shrimp Shack flyer with "Get well, Five-0!" scrawled at the bottom) she explained, "Normally we would leave food gifts on the tables for you have when approved, but this is a bit perishable..."

He laughed, then stopped when it pulled on his ribs but kept smiling. "Share it out at the nurses' station, and sorry. Someday the big guy will learn." He gave the flyer back with a jerk of his head over at Steve's table and she winked at him while somehow managing to fold it into a standing configuration.

"You know this won't get you any extra morphine."

"Making angels happy is its own reward..." He smirked at her eye roll. "Less painful blood draws?"

"I'll see what I can do."

More cards and gifts came over the next couple of days, and most of them were jointly addressed (including a stuffed penguin with a gift code for 1000 'upgrade poops' and a note that said "Don't hate the game either, Jersey. And stop catching bullets, McGruff") or from Naval friends of Steve who saw them on the news. Steve had come around finally but was on heavier pain killers than Danny to stop him from moving and pulling the internal stitches, so periods of true awareness were few. The nurses fell into a routine of showing Danny the cards before setting everything on Steve's side for him to see when he next came around. Almost a week later, Steve was finally fully lucid and his table was stuffed with everything from formulaic well wishes from the Governor's office to handmade cookies from Danny's sisters, shipped to Eric and delivered missing only a few.

The first time Steve commented on the one-sided gifts, Danny assumed he was joking around and responded with a sarcastic comment about his 'adoring fans.' It wasn't until after the whole team was there and he had joked about being the roadie to Steve's 'rock star' that he realized they all really believed it. They thought no one had cared to send him cards, and everything on the table had been just for Steve.

Part of him wanted to school them, suggest that they check the cards and then check their brains, cause they were pretty lousy detectives. But Steve wasn't dead when he had been certain a week ago that he was, and everyone was so relieved and happy that he just couldn't do it. So he joked and snarked and when they were gone he asked the night nurse to bring him Charlie's teddy and an oatmeal raisin cookie.

He looked at the shakey coloring and ate a Williams' family recipe treat all the way from Jersey and told himself he wasn't mad. He knew his own value and had read every card to know how many other people valued him too. As for what the rest of the team thought, frankly, he didn't give a damn right now.

Though he was looking forward to the look on Steve's face when he gathered up the stuff from his friends and family at check-out.