March 27th, 2016

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11 Days of Mad Libs!.:.Day 8

We've all (I hope?) seen and played Mad Libs, right? Where you have a story with blanks and instructions for filling in those blanks to complete the story (a noun, a place, a person you love, an animal...and so on), well that's what we're going to do with for the next 11 days!

The catch?

You can only, hopefully, use words that have been featured in the Word of the Day (including the Word of the Day for the current day). Obviously, if none of the Word of the Days can work, you can pick another one.

There is now a Word of the Day Masterlist!

Each day I'll post the link to 3 different, again, I hope, mad libs and you guys can fill them in and share the wackiness you've come up with!

On with the Libs!

Today's Mad Libs are:

How to make a sandwich

A Dream Within a Dream

The Easter Story

Hve fun and I can't wait to see the stories you come up with!
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Daily Count Challenge to REPEATS!

Hey there!

We are down to the point of the month where we have more people than days. On the other hand, once starry_wolf runs amok with words today, we are through our original list.

Now this is the part where I step in and assign the last four days of the month!

On the 28th: flyingharmony, erinm_4600
On the 29th: candream, alba17
On the 30th: flipflop_diva, slashluv18
And on the 31st: You're all up again! Yeah, I have that kind of power! flyingharmony, erinm_4600, candream, alba17, flipflop_diva, slashluv18.

But because I won't ask you to do anything I wouldn't do, I'll take the 31st and another day too! haldoor, get in on this!