February 20th, 2016

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Word of the Day 02/20/16 Boilerplate

Boilerplate (noun)
boilerplate or boiler plate [boi-ler-pleyt]

1. plating of iron or steel for making the shells of boilers, covering the hulls of ships, etc.
2. Journalism.
a. syndicated or ready-to-print copy, used especially by weekly newspapers.
b. trite, hackneyed writing.
3. the detailed standard wording of a contract, warranty, etc.
4. Informal. phrases or units of text used repeatedly, as in correspondence produced by a word-processing system.
5. frozen, crusty, hard-packed snow, often with icy patches.

Origin: 1855-60 newspaper (and now information technology) slang for "unit of writing that can be used over and over without change," 1893, from a literal meaning (1840) "metal rolled in large, flat plates for use in making steam boilers." The connecting notion is probably of sturdiness or reusability. From 1890s to 1950s, publicity items were cast or stamped in metal ready for the printing press and distributed to newspapers as filler. The largest supplier was Western Newspaper Union.

Now YOU come up with a sentence (or fic? or graphic?) that best illustrates the word.

Word Wars Anyone?

I just wanted to ask if anyone is interested in doing a word wars later on today. I am thinking about hosting one today. Please comment here and let me know. I will let you guys know when it will start.

Word Wars 10:30 UTC/GMT

Round 1: 10:30 - 11:00 UTC/GMT

Round 2: 11:10 - 11:40 UTC/GMT

Round 3: 11:50 - 12:20 UTC/GMT

Round 4: 12:30 - 1:00 UTC/GMT

Round 5: 1:10 - 1:40 UTC/GMT

Please put Round (the number round here)END as the subject line. The in the main box. Please put:
I wrote (number of words written here) for (what every you are writing for. If that for Big Bang or for a community or just write for someone else or just for you).


sandrasfisher 742 words

afrozenflower 788 words

asphaltcowgrrl 2,220 words

Total: 3,750 words


Blackout Bingo Card - Music 2

I swapped "Rambling Man" for "Love in an elevator" and combined two other prompts into one fic, so here are the eight pieces I did for this challenge.

Now off to noodle upon Fluff 4 and Music 5!

Prompt: barbie girl
Arrow, Quentin Lance/Donna Smoak, 489 words

Prompt: stairway to heaven
Sleepy Hollow, Frank Irving/Jenny Mills, 410 words

Prompt : crash and burn
The Flash, Joe West/Caitlin Snow, 1461 words

Prompt : you're still you
Arrow, Felicity Smoak/John Diggle, 641 words

Prompt : hooked on a feeling
The Flash, Joe West/Caitlin Snow, 505 words

Prompt : buffalo bill
The X Files, John Doggett/Monica Reyes, 434 words

Prompts: bang bang, not fair
The Flash, Joe West/Caitlin Snow, 1217 words

Prompt: love in an elevator (swapped with "Rambling Man")
The Flash, Joe West/Caitlin Snow, Cisco Ramon, 821 words