February 19th, 2016

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Word of the Day 02/19/16 Dipsy-Doodle

Dipsy-Doodle (noun)
dipsy-doodle [dip-see-dood-l]

noun Slang.
1. a quick dipping, sliding motion of the body, as made by ball carriers in football to evade tacklers.
2. an act, movement, etc., to confuse, evade, or distract the attention of an opponent or competitor.
3. shady dealings; chicanery.

Origin: 1940-45; see dip, -sy, doodle

Now YOU come up with a sentence (or fic? or graphic?) that best illustrates the word.

Weekend challenge : Your horoscope for today

Welcome to the weekend challenge! This week I'll be working from a couple of online astrology sites to give you prompts. So give me a sign (astrological sign, that is) or two and and I will provide a daily horoscope to inspire you. (I can get prior 'scopes too, so you won't get a repeat if your sign has been done.) Maybe your characters believe in them, maybe the opposite always happens. Or you may just find inspiration from the content without reference to the origin. In any case, if it produces words or images for you, I'll provide you with a H50, SGA or BtVS ficlet of your prompting, or a 100 some word memory of my beloved kitty as part of her memorial.

So hey, baby, what's your (or your character's) sign?
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Passing the daily challenge to theladymore

I am already failing at this one. I know I should have done it last night but there was Shadowhunters and X-Files and Arrow to watch and daughters to pick up from work and yeah, it just didn't happen. *sigh* And today is no better with work, a bus strike and extra rides to give, plus finally going out to dinner with my hubby to take into account, so I'm pushing it towards hanorganaas and I will ask for a do-over and hope that sometime next week will be better for me!
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Comment Fic Friday

Hi everyone, how's your week been? Need a break from longer fic and just want to finish off the week with something short and sweet? You've come to the right place!

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Your prompt this time is:

Shaggy Dog Story

So, whether it's one of your favourite characters telling a slightly altered version of the truth to explain something slightly embarrassing they've done (or had given to them/lost/found/something else); perhaps someone doesn't quite believe the story someone else is telling; or even a story featuring an actual shaggy dog, give us a bunch of words that will fit into a comment (usually around 700-800 words, but for our purposes here, anything from a drabble to 1000 words would be great!).

No time limits; any fandom (or none); any genre; any character/s. Post or link your ficlet here when you're done! And if you're more graphically inclined, how about 2-3 icons with shaggy dogs on them? ;-)