February 1st, 2016

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Word of the Day 02/01/16 Incunabula

Incunabula (noun)
incunabula [in-kyoo-nab-yuh-luh, ing-]

plural noun, singular incunabulum [in-kyoo-nab-yuh-luh m, ing-]
1. extant copies of books produced in the earliest stages (before 1501) of printing from movable type.
2. the earliest stages or first traces of anything.

Origin: 1815-25; < Latin: straps holding a baby in a cradle, earliest home, birthplace, probably equivalent to *incūnā (re) to place in a cradle ( in- in-+ *-cūnāre, verbal derivative of cūnae cradle) + -bula, plural of -bulum suffix of instrument; def. 1 as translation of German Wiegendrucke

Now YOU come up with a sentence (or fic? or graphic?) that best illustrates the word.
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I said that we had to hit 1.3 to put us on track for making that one more word...

And we did!


We had some rough starts and we had people come out of the gate with a bang. Creativity ebbs and flows, we remain awesome!!!!!

Here's the numbers:

Image word: 1,167 x 1,000 Awesome!

Written word: 290,065 Super!

1_million_words Total words to date 2016: 1,457,065!

We are right on track to be more amazing than we have ever been before!!!

I didn't get my rare pair finished, I hope to have that soon, but I will get the round up posted some time today.

What are your plans for awesome this month?

Birthdays: February and March

I'm combining February and March because the March baby is really early, so it wouldn't help to make a post on 1st March anyway.

First, on 09th Feb, we have lanalucy!

Lanalucy's wishlist is here, and it's not too late to start making something now! If you've already got something underway, now's the time to finish it up and/or get it to beta.

I'll post again on the 9th, and you can comment there with your gift!

And next, on 02nd Mar, we have severina2001!

Severina's wishlist is over here, and it's not too early to start thinking of what you want to make! February's a short month, after all, and it'll be over before you know it!

Also! Also!

This year I'm going to try something new. Instead of commenting at the start of the year who you want to write for (which might be six months in the future, and always in motion the future is XD), I'm going to be screening comments on the monthly birthday summary posts, like this one here, and you leave a comment HERE to tell me if you're going to be making anything. This way, we'll probably get a more realistic count, and I have the time to find a pinch hitter if one becomes necessary *fingers crossed that it isn't*

Remember, there's no minimum limit on the gift you can leave (I'm sure even a 100-word drabble is greatly appreciated - if 15 people leave 100 words that's 1.5k already), and you can make as many as you want throughout the year!

Comments are screened, so leave a note if you're making anything for either of them!

Words War

I am hosting another Words War. Join in if you want. The more the merrier. I will edit and bold the Round we are in. I am going to have it where we write for 30 minute at a time with a 15 minute in between. First round starts in 9 minutes. After the round is done I would like to post what you are writing this round of words for.

Round 1 01:00am - 01:30am UTC
Round 2: 01:45am - 02:15am UTC
Round 3: 02:30am - 03:00am UTC
Round 4: 03:15am - 03:45am UTC


SANDRASFISHER With 1,340 words

SEVERINA2001 with 258 words

Total: 1,598 words