January 31st, 2016


Rare Pairs: Harley/Shazam (Injustice: Gods Among Us, T)

Love is a Many-Splintered Thing by crookedspoon
Chapters: 1/1
Fandom: Injustice: Gods Among Us
Rating: Teen And Up Audiences
Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply
Relationships: Harleen Quinzel/Shazam
Characters: Harley Quinn, Shazam
Additional Tags: Flying, Unrequited Love, Singing, Community: trope_bingo, Community: 1-million-words
Series: Part 15 of Trope Bingo, Part 56 of How many words?

Probably incoherent, but I expect I'd forget posting tomorrow, so here it is. ;;
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Word of the Day 01/31/16 Hairpin

Hairpin (noun, adjective)
hairpin [hair-pin]

1. a slender U -shaped piece of wire, shell, etc., used by women to fasten up the hair or hold a headdress.

2. (of a road, curve in a road, etc.) sharply curved back, as in a U shape: a hairpin turn.

Origin: 1770-80; hair + pin

Now YOU come up with a sentence (or fic? or graphic?) that best illustrates the word.
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January Big Buddy 100%

It's that time of the month! How'd you do?

csichick_2 - 21,204
slashluv18 - 20,000
bizarra - 20
sharpiesgal - 10,000
agdhani - 30,000
afrozenflowerr - 20,000
fairyniamh - 3,100/31
craterdweller - 12,500/40
severina2001 - 16,700
ncisvu_lj - 5,000
haldoor - 10,000
flipflop_diva - 20,000
katleept - 25,000
guineamania - 17,000
kaige68 - 5,800
erinm_4600 - 1,000/500
lanalucy - 5,000
starry_wolf - 31,000
dracosdreamer - 2,000
suicix - 10,000
weakmoments - 50,000

Rare Pairs: Daniel Jackson/Nicholas Rush - Stargate-All (Beautiful Minds, T)

Title: Beautiful Minds
Fandom: Stargate-All
Pairings: Daniel Jackson/Nicholas Rush
Ratings: T
Word Count: 2811

Sorry guys. I sort of mixed up kaige68's request for Rodney McKay/Nicholas Rush and requests from both heffermonkey and kahuna_burger for Daniel Jackson/Rodney McKay and wound up with the pairing of Daniel Jackson/Nicholas Rush. The good news is, at least as far as A03 is concerned, it's a really, really rare pairing, LOL. Bad news, I'll have to put the other ideas onto the back burner as the month is up :D I didn't realize my error until last night, LOL. OOPS!

Link to read on A03.
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Rare Pair Fic: Wooing the Captain (MCU - Loki/Steve)

Title: Wooing the Captain (WIP)
Fandom: MCU
Pairing: Loki/Steve
Rating: G
Length: ~3500 words
Summary: Loki selects Steve as his consort and there's no getting out of it.
A/N: For1_million_wordsRare Pair Challenge. Many thanks toalby_mangroves for great feedback. Canon divergent AU that takes place after Thor but before The Avengers. Couldn't finish it by the deadline, but I plan to!

"What the...?" Steve grumbled as he jolted out of bed, surprised by the sound of the doorbell at 3 am. He padded to the door and peered through the peephole. After scrubbing his face with his hand, he looked again. Nope, still there.

Word War

I am hosting a Word War. Join in if you would like. The more the merrier. I will edit and bold the Round we are in. I am going to have it where we write for 30 minute at a time with a 15 minute in between. First round starts in 12 minutes. After the round is done I would like to post what you are writing this round of words for.

Round 1 04:30am - 05:00am UTC
Round 2: 05:15am - 05:45am UTC
Round 3: 06:00am - 06:30am UTC
Round 4: 06:45am - 07:15am UTC


Sandrasfisher: 1377 words this round
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Rare Pairs: Coffee Can Wait (H50, Danny Williams/Charlie Fong)

Title: Coffee Can Wait
Pairing/Characters: Danny/Charlie (H50)
Genre: Romance, PWP
Word Count: 1934
Rating: NC-17
Warnings/Spoilers: Sexual activity between consenting adults in this fic does not reflect H50 canon; no spoilers for the show (unfortunately)
Disclaimer: Haven't magically been granted rights; no money exchanges hands for my wild imaginings
Beta: unbeta'd due to shortness and urgency in posting for the last day of the Rare Pairs challenge
Summary: Danny's been thinking Charlie seems to be flirting with him; he takes a chance and asks him out for dinner… and something more develops
Author’s Notes: Written for my slash twin, kaige68 as a reward for a Weekend Challenge and for the Rare Pairs Challenge, both at 1_million_words. Kaige wanted to see some Danny/Charlie, and while this is just a quick glimpse of how a relationship between them could start, there is no real plot involved. Hope you enjoy, my darlink! ♥

NB: this fic can also be read here at AO3
MCU: Scene of destruction

Rare Pairs Fic: Sam/Natasha (MCU), With A Little Love and Chicken Soup

Title: With A Little Love and Chicken Soup
Fandom: MCU. Set post-Age of Ultron
Pairing/Characters: Natasha Romanoff/Sam Wilson, Steve Rogers
Rating: PG
Word Count: 2,482
“Come on,” Steve teased. “Are you really telling us you’d rather go into battle against an army of Hydra operatives than stay here with her?”

“Yes!” Sam said instantly. “No one in their right mind babysits an assassin.”

“You’re not babysitting her,” Steve said. “You’re guarding her. Like a prison warden.”

“That does not make it better.”

(Natasha's sick. Sam's in charge of taking care of her. He fears the worst. It goes way better than planned.)

Sam/Nat only has 295 works on AO3, so definitely rare for MCU, but also very rare for me. I've written OT3 fic for Steve/Nat/Sam but never just Sam/Nat. It was fun, though xD Also, I think this is the first time I've ever completed one of the non-Swap of Joy monthly challenges.

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