January 17th, 2016

Daily Count Challenge To Galadriel34

Thanks, Alba17, for passing that twirling, writing baton! ;-) I'm happily reporting in with 3,400 words (oddly enough even, and on a work night, to boot! Imagine that!). I also shot a little more than 20 prompts over to the older_not_dead comm for their approaching new promptathon. Feeling pretty good right now, but I've gotta try to unwind now so I can sleep!

Passing the baton/quill/pens and inks to galadriel34!

And, BTW, Erin, a belated thanks for passing me my first baton last month! I was thrilled! Still am!

Fic: Rare Pairs - Lovers

Title - Rare Pairs: Lovers
Fandom - Hawaii Five 0
Characters/Pairings - Mary McGarrett/Matthew Williams, Charlie Fong/Steve McGarrett, Kono Noshimuri/Adam Noshimuri, Danny Williams/Adam Noshimuri
Summary - A series of One Shots in answer to the Rare Pairs Challenge set at 1_million_words.  Not all rare pairs in the traditional sense, but also pairings rare to me (EG Kono/Adam I never usually write, even though I love them in the show).
Warnings - Some spoilers for Season Six, see chapter notes for which story.

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A/N - Suggestions for Rare Pairs (within the H50 Fandom) are welcome, post in comments - you never know what may be inspired.