January 1st, 2016

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Word of the Day 01/01/16 Matutinal

HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! I hope everyone survived the festivities of last night!

Matutinal (adjective)
matutinal [muh-toot-n-l, -tyoot-]

1. pertaining to or occurring in the morning; early in the day.

Origin: 650-60; < Late Latin mātūtinālis of, belonging to the morning, early, equivalent to Latin mātūtīn (us) of the morning ( Mātūt (a) goddess of dawn + -īnus -ine1) + -ālis -al

Now YOU come up with a sentence (or fic? or graphic?) that best illustrates the word.
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In my haste and excitement I set my alarm clock for PM instead of AM. You'd think I'd double check as I do it all the time, but no...

Coffee is made! Counting will commence!

EDIT: And now my internet is spotty. This will be a little bit.
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I have hysterical tears of joy!

I can't even scream, I'm that over the moon.

If you ever doubted yourself/us/people's ability to work together, THAT TIME IS OVER!



That's right, I asked you all to put in your best efforts and get us that one more word to get us over last year's total. And you went out and got us 1,808,470 more word than we did last year. WE WENT TO THE MOON AND BACK!!!

Here's the numbers:

Image word: 10,927 x 1,000 Up 3,840. The biggest big ever! EVER!

Written word: 5,064,362 Up 953,928 I CAN'T BREATHE!

1_million_words Total words through the end of 2015: 15,991,362!

This is a quote from last month: August and September saw increases at about 400k each, October was MASSIVE with 736k. November knocked it out of the park with an increase of 907,340! December's over-all increase was 4,793,928. Yeah, over FOUR MILLION WORDS in one month!

I don't even know what to say to everyone. This is stunning. WELL DONE EVERYONE! Don't doubt the awesome!

Weekend Challenge: 2016 Music

So first things first:

Happy New Year!!

This week I thought I would reel out an old classic. The Music Round

So if you ask for a prompt here I will give you the title and artist of a song on my Itunes (other music services are available)

Anyone that creates anything before 11:59pm Sunday GMT will get either a drabble (http://1-million-words.livejournal.com/32093.html?thread=10553693#t10553693) or a set of icons

Have fun.
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On the subject of counting

I LOVE that we are such a diverse group. I enjoy that everyone motivates differently and that we each do our best to try and get our own projects done and egg people into doing their projects! I like that we all find out way differently.

It is never more evident, this diversity of our comm, than when I am counting up numbers. Some people are just Boom!, some people show and link their work, some people make graphs and charts and spreadsheets. It is all good, and I really REALLY don't want to discourage any of it! How you do it is part of the original person you are! I love it!

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Icons for the drabble/icon challenge

I felt I could not exactly concentrate on writing and it is awhile since I did try to make some icons, so I took out the old laptop and made some.

The total became 24, and most for the prompts that was posted. Instead of comment to every I used I put them into an entry at my journal. Here

The prompt used (some I did write for); Blue, yellow, purple, orange, pink, white, black, stripey, furry, cat, dog, hourse and Elephant. There is a few others I could not place.