December 21st, 2015

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Word of the Day 12/21/15 Aubade

Aubade (noun)
aubade [oh-bad, oh-bahd; French oh-bad]

noun, plural aubades [oh-badz, oh-bahdz; French oh-bad]. Music.
1. a piece sung or played outdoors at dawn, usually as a compliment to someone.

Origin: 1670-80; < French, Middle French, equivalent to aube (< Provençal alba song about the parting of two lovers at dawn < Vulgar Latin, noun use of feminine of Latin albus white, clear) + -ade -ade

Now YOU come up with a sentence (or fic? or graphic?) that best illustrates the word.
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Massive Monday!

It's Monday! And that is never such a relief to me as it is today, sure it doesn't mean much to you but I SURVIVED COOKIE WEEKEND! Sixty-eight dozen cookies are made up and in progress on the delivery! And I've hit that mental portion of my knitting deadline where if it's not already done it's not getting done. So that means that all that's left is wrapping and WORDS!!! ALL THE WORDS!!!

We've still got a couple of stragglers on the Swaps of Joy, but all the Joys should be given by the end of the week so that is AWESOME!!

Advent Event is kicking butt! Thank you all for that!!! And HUGE reminder that I'm looking for graphics/fic/ramble from EVERYONE on Friday for the "What 1MW means to me" final day of the challenge. You can post anytime on the 25th or simply comment in the post that H & I do. (Hi H! Did I tell you we were doing this? HA!) It's going to be epic!

The 12 days of WIPness have begun! I'll admit that this is part of the reason I'm calling knitting done for the season, I'm massively looking forward to emptying the last two WIPs out of my WIP folder! We totally have this! TOTALLY!

So what are your big plans for the week? For the end of the year? For world domination?

Advent 2015 - Day 21 (Harry Potter & Fast and the Furious)

Hola, Campers!

It feels like it was just two days ago.. oh, wait.. ;)

This time around, I bring you the one and only Harry Potter:

and for the flashback... The Fast and the Furious series:

and some random Paul Walker icons I made a few months ago... because I'm still in denial. :\

Happy Holidays, Gang!!