December 18th, 2015

Two Chairs

Swap of Joy for tkeylasunset

I may be late, but here is the final Swap of Joy.

Merry Christmas and I hope you enjoy your fic.

Title: Midnight Snack
Fandom: Castle
Characters: Kate Beckett, Rick Castle with mentions of Castle's mother and daughter
Summary: Having closed a strange and unsettling case, Castle invites Beckett over to his place for a midnight snack.
Word Count: 1,018
CSI-christmas Grissom
  • haldoor

Weekend Challenge!

Hey everyone, it's my turn to give you a challenge this weekend, so hold onto your hats! It's a bit last minute, but I decided to run with a Christmas theme, strangely enough.

I have 30 Christmas items, so if you want to play, give me a number (or numbers) between 1 and 30, and I will give you the corresponding item/s with which to play. You choose the fandom (or none), the genre, style, pairings and/or characters, and give me either 500+ words, 5+ icons, a couple of banners or a wallpaper before Sunday midnight in your local time, and I will give you 100+ words or a couple of icons in a fandom of your choice (or something general if you give me a subject) from my rewards list in reply!

So go on, hit me up! ;-)