November 22nd, 2015

CELEB: RDA with dog

NaNo and min Nano week 4

Entering the final stretch for NaNo and miniwrimo. NaNo folks should strive to pass 40K by Tues Nov 24. Those working the miniwrimo should aim for 80% completion by Tues.

How's everyone's project coming? Anything we can help with?

I hate my novel's title, so I'll have to come up with something better. It also took a slight detour tonight that I'm not sure I wanted, but in the spirit of NaNo I'm leaving it in to be fixed later. Right now I just want to push to wrap up the story by Nov 30.

Dance/vent/pump your fists with your successes and trials here :D

** I accidentally tagged this as challenge:word war and no matter how many times I edit tags, LJ keeps putting it back. One last try (to edit the post itself then I'm tossing it up to evil LJ sprites messing with me. Sorry for any confusion. **

Beta needed for a few xmas stories and other ficlets

I hate to miss use those that already beta for me, so I would be very happy to get a few stories betad, when I want to post them this year and get them into the yearly word count. (I would be happy if it only get one of the list stories betad)

If you can and want let me know which one (see the numbering) and where to send it. (send me a personal messege if you don't want to put your email visable).
I will put up a date that I would like to have the story betad and able to post. Though would you still want to help me and can't managed to do it to a specific date, I would be happy whenever you can anyway.

Most of the stories is between 100- 2000 words, there can be one or another that is more but none is over 5000 (if I remember right). If there is any special with the story I've added, though let me know if you want to know anything more about the story you might consider.
(any story marked as posted is done at sagas_stories)

The xmas stories are (All hasn't a title yet, so if you beta I'm happy for suggestions)
1. (xmas 3) ??, Dark-Hunter (though my very own characters, so more like a original story, though have specialites like Sherrilyn Kenyons characters - were animals) 5/12 TAKEN - Posted
2. (xmas 4) Uncertain Help, Real People, Orlando Bloom/Viggo Moretensen, Au, Orlando suffer off epidermolysis bullosa (I don't think you need to know that much about it) 7/12 Got it betad - Posted
3. Eventually (xmas 6) CSI x3, paring Caine/Taylor (I've asked one, but if she can't...) 13/12 SENT
4. (xmas 8) ??, Original - Donbury, Aodhán & Demeltza Ross, 15/12 SENT
5. (xmas 9) ??, Hobbit-Lotr, Legolas, Kili, Au 17/12 - Got it betad
6. (xmas 10) Never Enough, Being Human (preferable one that has some knowledge about the UK version,), The four friends 19/12 SENT
7. (xmas 11) Quick and Sharp, True Blood, Eric Northman/Sam Merlotte, 21/12
(I might add a few more the comming weeks)

the other stories (can be edit with more the comming days) - I would like to post any of these before 31/12
15. Taking off, Being Human/Supernatural, Mitchell, Dean Winchester (899 words)- I consider to work little more on this
16. Just human, Real People, Orlando Bloom/Johnny Depp, mpreg (283 words)
17. Falling in Love, Prison Break, Scofield/Sucre (108 words)
18. Interfering 2, SPN, Dean, Sam, in the fat!dean verse (don't remember if it is any hint towards winchest)
19. 'Church Gathering', SPN, Blind Sam (2520 words)
20. ??, Real People/Being Human, Aidan, Mitchell ( I'm still working on this)
21. Burned, Being Human, John Mitchell (This weekend challenge, 378 words)

I will so be greatful for any help. And thanks in advance of giving me anytime of yours.