November 20th, 2015

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Word of the Day 11/20/15 Ignis Fatuus

Ignis Fatuus (noun)
ignis fatuus [ig-nis fach-oo-uh s]

noun, plural ignes fatui [ig-neez fach-oo-ahy]
1. Also called friar's lantern, will-o'-the-wisp. a flitting phosphorescent light seen at night, chiefly over marshy ground, and believed to be due to spontaneous combustion of gas from decomposed organic matter.
2. something deluding or misleading.

Origin: 1555-65; < Medieval Latin: literally, foolish fire

Now YOU come up with a sentence (or fic? or graphic?) that best illustrates the word.
CELEB: RDA with dog

Reminder: Word Wars/Sprints this weekend

We've got two weekends left to finish those fantabulous November projects so I'm once again hosting 2 sessions of Word Wars this weekend. I'll be starting the second session an hour earlier so that I'm more awake, but as always, feel free to hop in whenever you can.

Each session will have 4 rounds of 25 min each with 10 min breaks in between rounds.

Sat 6am Pacific Time which is Sat 2PM (14:00) UTC
Sat 7pm Pacific Time which is Sun 3AM (03:00) UTC

So bring whatever project and come join us :D
CELEB: RDA with dog

NaNo and mini Nano Checkin Day 20

Where the heck has November gone? We're coming up on the end of week 3 already. For those doing NaNo your target is to round the 35K bend by the end of day 21. Those working on miniwrimo should be about 2/3 rds complete on their goal.

If you're like me and need the weekends to keep on pace, there are 2 weekends left in November. For those stateside that celebrate Thanksgiving, will the holiday help/hinder your goal? Big celebrations and family obligations or extra hours to write without the pesky job/school interfering?
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Advent Poll - need some help!

I was preemptively going through the poll to see if I could get a head start on the sign up post and we have an 8 way tie on the last 5 places. Now, while I am all for 'these are the ones I want' I'm more of a benevolent dictator.

So one more vote and the top 5 are in:

EDIT: Voting is now over - Thank you!

Poll #2028485 Last ditch advent poll

Pick two of the following

Guardians of the Galaxy
Maze Runner/Scorch Trails Movies (or all three books)
Star Trek (any series)
Stargate SG-1
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Advent Sign ups!


Can you tell I'm excited?

I have in my hot little hands spreadsheet, the top 24 vote-getters for our Advent Event. I'm asking you to sign up to make some graphics. It's okay if it's not in your wheelhouse, it's about having a fun adventure with friends!

I'm looking for each day to produce a minimum of 3 icons in the fandom of the day and a minimum of 1 icon in a fandom that didn't make the cut. I am assigning the fandoms to the dates they will be posted (remember that you can schedule your posts in advance). You will also be asked to produce at least one graphic that is to be posted on December 25 that shows what the comm means to you (devil horns and name calling are permissible).

Assignments will be given on a first come/first serve basis. Please list your first three choices of fandoms in both the above the cut and below the cut fandoms. Also let us know if you are interested in doing more than one day of posting. You are allowed to team up and get a couple of fandoms done if you like!

The original post requesting fandoms is here. We do not require that you make the specific pairings or characters that were requested for that fandom, but take a look and see if your in the mood for them. These are kind of like gifts for the comm.

If you want to make more, you are welcome! If you want to make graphics for a fandom you didn't get or write a drabble, by all means, go for it. I would ask that you don't do your own post in that case, but rather put your creation in a comment or a link it in a comment.

Questions? Concerns? Table for one hundred ninety-seven?

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MCU: Nat in purple

Weekend Challenge: CSI Edition

It's time for a Weekend Challenge, and this one is in honor of Whitney/csichick_2, because I said "I need an idea for the Weekend Challenge" and she said "Titles from How to Get Away With Murder!" and I said "There's not enough, but I could do Law & Order titles?" and she said "Do CSI."

So here we are!

There are 3 different CSIs we will be using for this challenge: Original (14 seasons), Miami (10 seasons), New York (9 seasons).

To play, leave me which flavor CSI you want, how many prompts and the number of a season. I will then randomize all those episode titles to give you one. Or two. Up to five. Feel free to mix and match.

Also, in case anyone is worried, the episode titles are pretty non-specific. Most have nothing to do with killing, so they should be suitable for any and all fandoms.

For any 200-word drabble or set of 2 icons you submit before 11:59p Eastern time on Monday, I will reward you with a drabble or graphic in return, or if you don't want anything, I will add some words to one of my many, many WIPs in your honor!

Now let's play!