November 14th, 2015

CELEB: RDA with dog

Challenge: NaNo Playlist Bonanza Part 2

Open to all, whether you are doing an official NaNo activity or not.

Challenge: Adopt-a-Playlist
Deadline: Nov 30 11:59 pm your local time :=D
Reward: I'll make cover art for your playlist for anyone who writes 500 words total (You'll have to either link to the playlist or list the tracks (artist - song title) if you want your reward to have a track listing on it)
Graphics alternative: For those that are working on graphics rather than words - how about 5 icons or one larger graphic in lieu of the 500 words?

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Word of the Day 11/14/15 Inconnu

Inconnu (noun)
inconnu [in-kuh-noo, -nyoo, ing-; French an-kaw-ny]

noun, plural inconnus [in-kuh-nooz, -nyooz, ing-; French an-kaw-ny], (especially collectively for 2) inconnu.
1. a person who is unknown; stranger.
2. Also called sheefish. a game fish, Stenodus leucichthys, of fresh or brackish northern waters.

Origin: 1800-10; < French: literally, unknown, equivalent to in- in-3+ connu, past participle of connaître to know, be acquainted with < Latin cognōscere; see cognition

Now YOU come up with a sentence (or fic? or graphic?) that best illustrates the word.
CELEB: RDA with dog

Word Wars 6am (PST) or 2PM UTC edition

Everyone ready with those words? Timezone converters can be found here

Seemed to work well last week with the 25 minute rounds followed by 10 min breaks

Round 1: 6:00 am - 6:25
Round 2: 6:35 - 7:00
Round 3: 7:10 - 7:35
Round 4: 7:45 - 8:10 (if anyone is up for it)

Our totals - please let me know if I've made any errors

kaige68: 1672 words
severina2001: 1230 words
sagaluthien: 1364 words
starry_wolf: 692 words
craterdweller: 1625 words

Total words: 6583 more words!!!

We all did AWESOME!!!! There more word wars scheduled for later (8 PM Pacific/ 04:00 UTC).
CELEB: RDA with dog

Word Wars 8pm (PST) or 04:00 UTC edition

Round 1: 4AM UTC - 4:25AM UTC
10 minute break
Round 2: 4:35 AM UTC - 5:00 AM UTC

If anyone one is still around/interested then

Round 3: 5:10 AM UTC - 5:35 AM UTC

Sorry a little late as my husband was puttering around annoying me

Results: (Please let me know if I missed anyone or messed up your totals)
starry_wolf: 700 words
severina2001: 1107
thtwzjustadream: 1096 words
craterdweller: 1138 words

Total: 4041 words of awesome!

WE ROCKED! And also apparently earned chocolate rewards, although I think I'd nodded off at my keyboard for that part.