November 10th, 2015

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Advent planning

Well hello there!

This year, instead of the calendar challenge that we've done for graphic peeps for the last couple of years we are going to do an advent count down.

Our plan:

Part 1 - Comment here with a fandom/fandom pairing that you'd like to see more graphics for, ideally something you might be willing to make for too. You have until the 15th to do this

Part 2 - We will post a list of the fandoms/fandom pairings you give us as a poll and you will all have until the 19th to vote on your favorites.

Part 3 - On the 20th we will post the results and ask for people to sign up to make graphics for the top 24 vote getters. We are looking for #24 on the list to be posted on the first of December, #23 on the 2nd, etc.. What we want for each posting is a minimum of two icons for the fandom that you picked, and one icon for a fandom of your choice that didn't make the cut. You want to make a banner, a love bar, a vid that's all good too! Three is the minimum, there is no maximum! Oh, and there'll be one more icon we're asking you to make, but I'll get there in a few paragraphs. Graphics do not need to be seasonally themed.

Part 4 - Start posting on December 1st! Remember that posts can be scheduled in advance, so just because you'll be out of town on Back to the Future day doesn't mean that you can't do that day.

Part 5 - On December 25th, everyone posts an icon/banner/wallpaper/whatever of what 1_million_words means to you. Easy Peasy.

This gets us 24 people making 4 icons each. 96 graphics! Not at all shabby! AND it gives to everyone in the community with grab-able graphics!


So, comment here with fandoms you'd like to see represented. Be current, be obscure, be quirky, it's all good! Ask any questions you'd like as well and we'll do our best to answer.

Let's make this happen!
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Word of the Day 11/10/15 Dithyramb

Dithyramb (noun)
dithyramb [dith-uh-ram, -ramb]

1. a Greek choral song or chant of vehement or wild character and of usually irregular form, originally in honor of Dionysus or Bacchus.
2. any poem or other composition having similar characteristics, as an impassioned or exalted theme or irregular form.
3. any wildly enthusiastic speech or writing.

Origin: 1595-1605; < Latin dīthyrambus < Greek dīthýrambos

Now YOU come up with a sentence (or fic? or graphic?) that best illustrates the word.

Sorry this is late. I was out with my niece for the day and totally forgot to post this before leaving.