October 31st, 2015


one stop word shop

Help me, 1_million_words! You're my only hope!

I'm running out of words for the Word of the Day posts I do. Or at least it feel like I'm running out of words.

I've posted, with the ocassional help of others, 1024 words (as of 31 October 2015)!

I have a list to make sure none of them are duplicated. I have words set to queue up until November 14, then I start the word search all over again.

Actually, I start the word search over now.


I want you to leave some comments here with words. Please try to keep it to English. I'm going to screen the comments so that the words remain a secret until I use them (if I can). Also, feel free to leave me a comment with where I can find some interesting words. Currently, I use Dictionary.com or friends will PM me words they've come across.

Thank you all in advance!
  • haldoor

Song Challenge Day 31: Last Day!

This is our last lot for this songfic challenge! Hope you've had fun!

White Flag
Freaks come out at Night
Man of the Hour
Indian Outlaw
Movin' Right Along
White and Nerdy
Careless Whisper
Seize the Day
Maybe We Should Fall in Love
Get Off My Back

Michael Buble
Shawn Mendes
Concrete Blonde

If you're not done by the end of today, just keep going until you are; we'll still love you, and the creations will be welcome whenever they're done!

But if you comment in this post (with links to anything you've created before midnight your own time on the 31st of October for this songfic challenge) I promise to make you a participation banner! Just let me know either an artist or song that you created something for, or a genre of music that you like. I'll use something about your suggestion/s in your banner. No promises, but I'll try to get them done in the next week or so. ;-)

And in the meantime, Happy Hallowe'en, if it's something you do!