September 21st, 2015

  • kaige68


I missed last Monday, which I was very upset about and hoped to post on Tuesday, then Wednesday and then...

But we're here now! So how are you doing? How has your awesomeness been abounding. What are your plans to be amazing this coming week?

It occurred to me over the weekend, that we are passed mid-way for the month, which means that if you're working on a WIP, it's getting to be time to send it on to your beta reading so that you can get it posted for the end of the month. I AM SO NOT THERE!

I've been doing good with adding more to my WIP, moving along with the plot, but I'm not near done. If I give my beta reader and fact checker each a week to look it over, and then a day for me to fix and post, I've got to have it reasonably finished by... the end of the day tomorrow. *headdesk* So there shall be much writing today (HA!), okay but definitely tomorrow. Maybe I can post it and then re-post it corrected.

On the other hand, I've made significant progress on one of the larger knitting projects, but then I went to my local yarn-snob store that is going out of business and bought more yarn and...

So, yeah! YOU ALL ARE SO DAMN AMAZING!!! Just how amazing are you!