September 2nd, 2015

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Word of the Day 09/02/15 Mnemonic

Mnemonic (noun, adjective)
mnemonic [ni-mon-ik]

1. assisting or intended to assist the memory.
2. pertaining to mnemonics or to memory.

3. something intended to assist the memory, as a verse or formula.
4. Computers. a programming code that is easy to remember, as STO for “store.”.

Can be confused

Origin: 1745-55; < Greek mnēmonikós of, relating to memory, equivalent to mnēmon- (stem of mnḗmōn) mindful + -ikos -ic

Now YOU come up with a sentence (or fic? or graphic?) that best illustrates the word.

Daily Count Challenge to thtwzjustadream

So, because I got called back-to-back for 31 Aug and 1 Sep, here's a combined post for these two days!

Graphics: 2 LJ icons (1 dancing Pikachu and 1 Natasha), 2 MCU sigtags
- Finally got my Pikachu to dance properly (see above userpic)
- Started on a few more MCU sigtags, but it's hard without Internet, since I need Google Image Search to get screenshots/textures.
- I'm a writer, not a graphics artist.
(Yeah, keep telling yourself that.)

Words: 6,195
[Spoiler (click to open)]

  • Perspicacity (sorry it's unrevealed so I can't link it), 3054 words. I don't normally put off my fic exchange assignments until this late, but I literally had zero inspiration for 1.5 months until yesterday I sat down and said to myself, OK, it's due in 36 hours, you HAVE to write this now.

  • Tenacity [Mortal Instruments; Magnus/Alec], 724 words. Prompt: "First time he sleeps over. Which does not go very smoothly."

  • Synchronicity [Mortal Instruments; Clary/Izzy], 1417 words. Prompt: “I’m in love with you and I’m terrified.”

  • Beautiful Soul [Bleach; Ikkaku & Yumichika], 622 words. I love writing Japanese-style comic relief:

Curse that Hisagi to the Gates of Hell and back, Yumichika thought viciously.
(Two divisions away, Hisagi Shūhei sneezed violently, clutching at his throbbing head. The explosive action sent the papers stacked haphazardly on his desk flying in a flurry of white, until his office looked as though it had been attacked by a freak snowstorm.)

  • Unposted, 378 words - a deleted paragraph from Tenacity that I decided to keep and a bit of yet another fic.

Just two more #LoveWins Challenge prompt fics to go (and they're both half-complete)! :D Just in time to focus on WIP September! Can finally stop writing pairings I don't ship in fandoms I barely know.

Go for it, thtwzjustadream!
cute-birthday cupcake
  • haldoor

September Birthdays!

Ulp! I always seem to be running behind! I almost forgot about letting everyone know who's birthdays are coming up this month! But here I am, skidding in before their b'days actually arrive! Get to work, if you promised them something - or maybe you're almost done and just waiting to post? Wherever you're at, here are our birthdays for September:

8 Sept: sagaluthien - Saga's wishlist

8 Sept: starry_wolf - Starrie's wishlist

9 Sept: simplyn2deep - Liz's wishlist

I'm not on my usual computer, but I think that's everyone! I'll post again on their b'days and you can link or post your pressies for our birthday peeps then!

And I haven't forgotten I need to post that August Rush round-up; sorry! Hopefully tomorrow around this time I should be able to get it done!