August 11th, 2015

read to live, raining story and song

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The Fandom Growth Exchange is a multi-fandom rare relationships exchange for relationships which have fewer than ten complete fics (or fewer than five contributing authors) on AO3. Check out our tagset!

Nominations close: August 7th at 11:55 PM UTC
Sign-ups open: August 10th at 11:55 PM UTC
Sign-ups close: August 23rd at 11:55 PM UTC
Assignments sent: August 29th at 11:55 PM UTC
Assignments due: October 31st at 11:55 PM UTC
Works revealed: November 6th at [TO BE DECIDED]
Authors revealed: November 11th at 11:55 PM UTC
be fabulous!

August Rush: Day Seven

Hello all, and welcome to Day Seven. Hope you find something among the photos below to inspire you to awesome heights of creativity today!

Reminder: Please link/post your creation to this post once it's made (or you can choose to link the whole week's creations to the WEEKLY ROUND-UP post, which will appear over the weekend.)

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Happy creating!