August 2nd, 2015


July Numbers!

I'm posting this a little late (sorry, Kaige!)


Pool Party obviously helped a ton, lookit us go! Here are the numbers:

Image word: 5,845 x 1,000 This is up almost 900!

Written word: 2,815,471 Up almost 500K!

1_million_words Total words through to the end of July: 8,660,471!

We increased in July by over 1.3 million!

We are so FANTASTIC! Congratulations everyone! *throws confetti*
1MW-august rush

WOOHOO! Get ready, we're about to start.

We're all set to blast off on this year's August Rush! erinm_4600, severina2001, starry_wolf and I have sifted through the screencaps of the fandoms we're focusing on this year, and come up with what we hope are some awesome graphics for you all to play with! You use them to inspire you however you will, and hopefully come up with some wonderful words and beautiful banners, icons and wallpapers to boost our word-count for August. I know those of you who have played in previous years have had a blast with it, so I hope our newer members - as well as loyal followers from previous days - will enjoy it this year!

August Rush starts on Monday the 3rd August, and runs until the end of August.

The fandoms, once again are:

Buffy the Vampire Slayer
Captain America
The Flash
Lord of the Rings/The Hobbit
Once Upon a Time

Collapse )

And of course there will be participation and completion banners as rewards when we're done! heffermonkey, angelus2hot and flipflop_diva are going to help with the rewards, so you know they'll be awesome! ;-)

Thank you everyone for all your nominations, votes, screencaps links, and all the amazing other help so far!

I'll be back tomorrow with the graphics for Day One! Get your engines ready! ;-)