August 1st, 2015


A Magnificent Pool Party, to Which You're All Invited :D

I had already decided to do new things before the Pool Party challenge came around, and that just facilitated the whole shebang. I've been keeping this up on my personal journal but obviously since July is now over I'm posting it here now so you guys can check me out lol.

the challenge:
A) do something new every day in July
B) apply this to the 1-million-words Pool Party challenge
C) let myself feel good about it.

notes: originally I'd put links and word counts and stuff but I stopped doing that, sorry. I'm pretty sure all the works I mention are either on ao3 or in posts on my journal or at femslash100 but if you actually want to find something and can't, feel free to ask.
there are a couple things below that might be triggery for people with mental illnesses or addictions, jsyk.
side note at my mod friends: am I allowed to tag this "woohoo!" or no because I see that's an actual tag.

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I wonder what shenanigans adventures I'll get up to THIS month...*winks*

edit: forgot to add my word counts for the month oops
all words posted on ao3 in July: 29,287 words
all words posted on ao3 so far in 2k15: 173,986 words
words not yet on ao3 (unrevealed exchange works, etc.): 3,567 words

total published words so far in 2k15: 177,553 words
Hawaii Five 0::team::Ohana

Word of the Day 08/01/15 Obsequious

Obsequious (adjective)
obsequious [uh b-see-kwee-uh s]

1. characterized by or showing servile complaisance or deference; fawning: an obsequious bow.
2. servilely compliant or deferential: obsequious servants.
3. obedient; dutiful.

Can be confused

1. sycophantic, flattering.
2. cringing, submissive. See servile.

Origin: 1375-1425; late Middle English < Latin obsequiōsus, equivalent to obsequi(um) compliance (obsequ(ī) to comply with (ob- ob- + sequī to follow) + -ium -ium) + -ōsus -ous

Now YOU come up with a sentence (or fic? or graphic?) that best illustrates the word.

Pool Party Wrap Up

Wow, we had quite a few lovely people playing in new pools this month! Some dove right into the fray, others were a touch more cautious and slid into their pool, others just dipped their toes in; and there is nothing wrong with any of these.

You were all awesome and supportive, of each other and to me. Thank you all for being understanding when things went south for me, and playing along with my favorite challenge.

Below the cut are the links to the creations and the banners for each of the lovely people who boldly went where they had never been before. Let's give them a big round of applause.

I'm looking forward to next year. So many new fandoms to play in, so little time! If I missed someone, please, let me know. (Graphic heavy under the cut)

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Big Buddy 100%

So kaige68 asked me to post for Big Buddy - we're at the end of July. How'd you guys do?

flipflop_diva - 31,000
elasticella - 16,000
agdhani - 50,000
candream - 500/20
scribble_myname - 20,000
thtwzjustadream - 15,000
guineamania - 16,500
fairyniamh - 3,100/31
hanorganaas - 10,000
haldoor - 6,000
craterdweller - 5,000
severina2001 - 30,000
bizarra - 20
lanalucy - 10,000
dracosdreamer - 5,000
ncisvu_lj - 10,000
lasairfhiona - 2,500
weakmoments - 50,000
crookedspoon - 5,000
katleept - 21,000
starry_wolf - 50,000
yuidirnt - 3,000
kaige68 - 5,500

I so did not make it :( I totalled 3911 for the month, which is just a little sad. I am not staying very on target at all this year; there seems to be too many other things to do at my end. How about you?