June 25th, 2015

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Word of the Day 06/25/15 Happy Camper

Happy Camper (noun)

1. Slang. a person who is cheerful and satisfied: There were no happy campers after the company was reorganized.

Origin: 1980s+; said to have originated among California movie and show-business people; the reference is probably to child clients of summer camps

Now YOU come up with a sentence (or fic? or graphic?) that best illustrates the word.
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Passing the open windows... or in fact, passing the count challenge to thtwzjustadream!

OMG! I am so slack! I knew there was something I forgot in amongst the things I had to do before I went to bed last night, but did I do it? NO, I did not pass on the daily count challenge *hangs head in shame*.

On the upside, I did actually make my count!!! I got 435 words when I need at least 395 per day at the moment to catch up on my annual target! And kaige68, you will be thrilled to know all of those words were in the Mechanics sequel with Karl & Eric! YAY!

And so, belatedly as it is, I pass the daily count challenge on to dearest Dreamy, who I know will rise to the challenge! YOU CAN DO IT! ;-)

And if any of our repeaters would like to join thtwzjustadream today, go ahead, make our day! ;-)