April 26th, 2015

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Word of the Day 04/26/15 Pari Passu

Pari Passu (Latin)
pari passu [pah-ree pahs-soo; English pair-ahy pas-oo, pair-ee]

1. with equal pace or progress; side by side.
2. without partiality; equably; fairly.

Origin: Latin, literally "with equal step," from ablative of par "equal" (see par ) + passus "pace" (see pace (n.)).

Now YOU come up with a sentence (or fic? or graphic?) that best illustrates the word.

Suspicion's Gate: TV Show Challenge

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1943. The German army occupies France. The POW camp Stalag 31, in the tiny French village of Saint Marie sur Canut, houses a ragtag collection of Allied officers and others the Germans have seen not fit to kill outright. Situated next to the largest farm at the outskirts of the village, the prisoners are forced to work the farm to occupy their time and to feed their captors. With the supply lines to Germany often cut off, the situation has forced an uneasy truce between the German occupiers and the villagers in St. Marie. As the lives of German soldiers, French villagers, and Allied POWs entwine, a gate of suspicion opens wider, and events spawned by Colonel Hans von Hausen’s English wife and the entrenched resistance cell in St. Marie chip away at the stability of the Stalag, the lives are intertwined in a dangerous chess match for survival.

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Daily Count Challenge

Thanks kaige68 for tagging me. ♥

Today I wrote 365 words for my Heroine Big Bang. I started yesterday (because I changed my character on Friday and started all new). Now I have 52% of my Rough Draft. But I already have the whole storyline (and the title) for the story. So I'm pretty sure that I'm able to do this until 30th April or 03rd May (if I'll get an extension).
I'm not sure if there will be more words today (because of my current mood). But at least I did something today.

I don't pass this Challenge because kaige68 told me so. But I'm hoping that you're all okay and that you enjoy the Sunday. Have a great day.