April 3rd, 2015

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Word of the Day 04/03/15 Ameliorate

Ameliorate (verb)
ameliorate [uh-meel-yuh-reyt, uh-mee-lee-uh-]

verb (used with object), verb (used without object), ameliorated, ameliorating.
1. to make or become better, more bearable, or more satisfactory; improve: strategies to ameliorate negative effects on the environment.

Also, meliorate.

Can be confused
obviate, vitiate.

amend, better. See improve.


Origin: 1760-70; a-+ meliorate

Now YOU come up with a sentence (or fic? or graphic?) that best illustrates the word.

Easter Weekend Challenge

Hey guys I am so sorry this is a little late!
Anyways it is my WEEKEND CHALLENGE this week so yay.

I got this idea from an activity I ran with my Brownies (if you don't know about Brownies then it is a youth club for 7 - 10 year old girls) and I thought it would be run to see where you guys took it.

I have a list of Easter based 'journal' prompts. They vary from asking you why we do certain things at Easter to your experiences at Easter. You can take them anyway you want, I am really intrigued as to what comes of this.

As I am a bit late and it is an Bank Holiday. You will have until midnight GMT on MONDAY to complete the challenge. There is no word count or icon count to fulfill.

I will be doing written rewards (see my list on the Rewards Offered page for what i write) while viirivehka and angelus2hot will be spliting any graphic rewards anyone may desire.

So to take part sent me a number between 1 - 40. If you do not like your prompt then just ask and I will send another :)


Flash Challenge: Random AUs

Do you like AUs but rarely find the time to plot out epic storylines that make use of every aspect of that of the world you built for your Fantasy or Sci-Fi AU? Or do period AUs intimidate you with their tripwires of historical inaccuracies?

How about something quick and easy?

flash challenge
(Hope it's okay for me to use the banner because it's super cute!)

Flash Challenge: AUs You Never Knew You Wanted

My friend neurotoxia and I are holding our own private challenge to see how many AUs we can write this month. I wanted to invite you to join us in creating fanworks for your favourite scenarios or tell us what other AUs you'd like to see.

Here are some examples of what we'd like to see:
  • "Hi, can I borrow your knives? Mine suck" AU

  • "I'm in your yoga class and my God, are you flexible"

  • "I'm a web designer and you hire me to do the homepage for your company, but how do I tell you your ideas suck when your excitement is so adorable?"

  • “We’re rival wrestlers but the promoter thought it was a great idea to put us in a tag team and now the audience loves us.”

  • "I'm a physical therapist, and every time you come to me you're stiff as a board, seriously what are you doing? Bonus points for me using sexual innuendo about your stiffness to try and get you to relax."

  • “I’m the front (wo)man of a Death Metal band and you’re a violinist. Our label wants us to collaborate for a charity project, but we think the other’s music is stupid and fight all the time until we discover there’s a band we both like.”

Other ideas by other people can be found on tumblr, for example, but feel free to use any AUs from any source of your liking. In fact, you can start right here on 1mw. You can also use these prompts to help you create scenarios for your TV show or generate fanworks for it.

Give us an icon or a drabble or... whatever fits your idea best!

And don't forget to share what AUs you'd like to see. ;D

Flower shop across from a Tattoo shop AU (Hawaii 5-0) by heffermonkey
drunken dog petting AU (Batman) by crookedspoon
My knives suck AU (Supernatural RPF) by fairyniamh
Detective AU (Constantine/Batman) by crookedspoon for agdhani
Dangling from a window ledge AU (The Hobbit) by neurotoxia

If you're on AO3, you can add your fills to the 1 Million Words' Flash Challenge subcollection, as well as the gathering place AUs We'd Like to Share if you like.