April 1st, 2015

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Word of the Day 04/01/15 Penchant

Penchant (noun)
penchant [pen-chuh nt; French pahn-shahn]

1. a strong inclination, taste, or liking for something: a penchant for outdoor sports.

Origin: 1665-75; < French, noun use of present participle of pencher to incline, lean < Vulgar Latin *pendicāre, derivative of Latin pendēre to hang

Now YOU come up with a sentence (or fic? or graphic?) that best illustrates the word.
One Brain

I pity the fool who doubts what we can do!

I set the alarm,
I made coffee and let the dog out,
and then...

*takes a deep breath so as not to hyperventilate with excitement*

That's right! We more than doubled our counts, AGAIN!

Tell all your friends that you are part of the most AWESOME COMM IN THE WORLD!

Here's the numbers:

Image word: 3,264 x 1,000 This is up 1,982 from last month, we more than doubled it!

Written word: 1,027,812 Up 296,497!

1_million_words Total words through the end of March: 4,291,812!
. We increased in March by 2.2 million which is more than what we did in January and February combined!

We're on schedule to out-do ourselves in a big way! Congratulations!
*throws confetti*
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April Birthdays!

WOOHOO! It's a new month and there's birthdays coming! Remember those April people you pledged gifts for on this list? It's time to get creative and get to work on their gifts, if you aren't already on top of it!

And if you didn't offer to create them something, but you have a sudden inspiration and want to gift them with something, that's all good too! Get to work, polish off what you started, get it to beta, or whatever you need to have it ready to post in time for our April birthdays!

The lucky members who will be getting goodies this month are as follows:

agdhani on the 5th: Agdhani's wishlist

peppermint_wow on the 13th: Miss Wow's wishlist

sharpiesgal on the 19th: Sharpie's wishlist

mierke on the 27th: Mierke's wishlist

All of their wishlists are linked above, so go check them out if you want or need to, and get on it! All words and pictures add to our comm's total, so the more the merrier, plus you get that totally wonderful feeling of having given something to someone else! ;-)

I will post again on each of the birthday people's big days so you can link or post your creations for them in a comment then.

If anyone still hasn't signed up to be in the birthday challenge this year and their birthday is still to come (and there's always next year if your day has passed already!), you can add your own wishlist here! All you have to do in return is follow the link inside the wishlist post to pledge 3-4 other people a gift (that post is screened so giftees will be surprised on their day). All rules and info is in the two linked posts. :-)

Happy Days, Everyone! ;-)