February 28th, 2015

MCU: Steve Nat undercover

Weekend Challenge: TV title inspiration!

Hey everyone! Sorry this is late (I'm traveling for work this week), but the good news is you don't have to wait for me to get started!

For this weekend's challenge, you are going to click on this link, which will lead you to a generator. There, you will press the button that says 'Click me' and you will get three prompts. Each prompt is the name of an episode of Friends, Buffy the Vampire Slayer or Grey's Anatomy.

You might want to screencap your prompts or write them down so you don't forget. Then use those prompts to inspire some magic.

(For some reason, the prompts are coming up without commas separating them, but hopefully you can figure out which prompt is which. I think you should be able to.)

If you write at least 200 words or make at least 2 icons and link them back here before 10p Central Time on Monday (don't forget to tell us what prompt you used!), I will reward you with either a short fic or icons (or sigtags if you would rather have those for any of your comms).

You don't need to comment to tell me you are attempting this, although if you'd like to and want to share your prompts, I'd love to know that/see them!

Good luck! And have fun!

Finished fics
Fifty Shades of Need by angelus2hot
The One With the Stoned Guy by asphaltcowgrrl
Care of a Killer by _eyesofpride_
I only have eyes for you, The one where everybody finds out and From a whisper to a scream by helsinkibaby

February Bingo: Jumble

Before I forget to post this tonight. H said it was okay to post 5 works even if they don't constitute a line or similar. :D

Can't wait to read your fills :D

Card: Suggestive/Innuendo maxi

Prompt: Slot it in
Gintama, Sakata Gintoki + Shimura Shinpachi (G)

Prompt: Cuffs
Batman, Harley Quinn/Zatanna Zatara (T)

Prompt: Do me, do me!
Arrow, Deadshot/Harley Quinn (E)

Prompt: You may feel a small prick
Batman, Harley Quinn/Jonathan Crane (M)

Prompt: Excellent technique!
Gotham, Harley Quinn/Jerome Valeska (T)

Prompt: I need to go deeper
Batman, Harley/Ivy (G)

Fic - This Is the Night (the Vampire diaries)

This is not a bingo story, I'm still working on them and if lucky I got a line. The thing is that I been very bad or have had very hard to get anything written so Im very happy to have manged to get this story written from a previous weekend challange. I did post a link to an unbetad version at the time, but here is the betad one - Thank very much for it my beta.

Posted and linked to my story journal sagas_stories

Titel: This Is the Night
Author: sagaluthien
Fandom, Character: The Vampire Diaries, Damon Salvatore/Jeremy Gilbert
Rating, warning: NC-17, AU from season 4, turning
Word count: 1329
Beta: haldoor
Author's note: this was written for 1_million_words weekend challenge (13-15 Feb 2015) where I received the poem To Helen by Edgar Allen Poe from the number 6. (For the full poem, see the end). Title taken from the Samantha Fox song Touch Me.

Summary: Jeremy has decided what he want, and this is the night.
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Bingo Line!

Here is the Bingo square I chose:

1-vacation-5-line done

I didn't quite make the Blackout that so many of you did, but I did manage a line in the end!

Collapse )

And you guys are amazing! At my last count, we have NINE blackouts, FOUR Mini-blackouts, TWO Belly-buttons (or equivalent), and FOUR Lines! That's phenomenal, people! And as there's still 45 hours till midnight on Sunday 1st March, EST, this number could still increase! I don't know how many words that is all up, but I will post a summary of all the links after Sunday night and you guys can add it up yourselves! I LOVE EVERYONE IN THIS BAR! ♥

Line Bingo

I'm proud of myself... that I managed to finish not just one story but three stories today. With the total of 1419 words. When they all is unbetad the word count an change. I also decided to post them as they are to get them in time.

My bingo card is :

The stories:

1. Title: Catch Up
Fandom, characters: Pirates Of the Caribbean, Elizabeth Swann, Jack Sparrow, Will jr
Rating, warnings: set after the three first films
A/N: Written for 1_million_words bingo challenge February 2015 card Meet & greet 3 - square bumped into each other
Summary: Her life wasn't what she hoped, but did the best she could, and times it was just a catch up.

2. Title: Among Shampoo and Soap's
Fandom, characters: Supernatural, Dean Winchester/Castiel, Sam Winchester
Rating, warnings: NC-17, bottom!dean
A/N: Written for 1_million_words bingo challenge February 2015 card Meet & greet 3 - square sex in the bathroom
I'm not sure if this really worked, it is quite sometime since I wrote a scene like this.
Summary: Dean had one thing in mind and didn't are if they wasn't alone.

3. Title: Delete the File
Fandom, characters: Dark Angel, Max, Alec, Logan (only in thoughts),
Rating, warnings: PG-13,
A/N: Written for 1_million_words bingo challenge February 2015 card Meet & greet 3 - square police finger-printing room
Summary: It had been so much better if Alec could stay out off trouble and Max didn't need to make it right.
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Drabble/Icon challenge / 100 in 100!

It's day one people! Let's do this!

We had over 200 separate prompts submitted, and you can still submit here. That puts us at six prompts per day.

You can choose one, you can choose all six. Give us a drabble or an icon! You can give us more if that's where the idea takes you, but the idea of the perfect little 100 words or 100x100 pixels, getting the point across is simply beautiful.

It's tough to cram in all the information into that tiny space! Who's up for it?

Today's prompts:
Ice Cream
Skinny Dipping

Show us what you've got!